Better living

Better living

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Published: 13 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

To who this may concern we contacted the company and a sales man came out in May he was here very late and was very persistent to reply with a positive to any of our concerns . I had told him I didn’t want to finance anything we were selling a mobile home and explained it may not pan out he said no worries they finance interest free one year with anyone and the fact you would be putting down 10,000 it’s even better . After talking it over and our sale not panning out I tried calling to talk with the sales man several times never was j able I talk with Rick and nothing the salesman said was the same he was telling me . I said I want to cancel then Joe the owner called I explain I wanted to talk with the salesman because he wasn’t honest and u want to cancel he said il get back to you . Joe calls again I told him the same he didn’t want me to cancel he took money off the price and July my son past away he was 27 in a motor cycle accident he had no insurance that room was not even a though at that time . Someone called August but I wasn’t able to talk . November 29th my brother in law had to go to temple for a lung transplant my sister needed me so I stayed in philidelphia a few days later I had a call from Rick saying they would be out to start Monday and continued to say I was to have 12,000 more dollars at that time I told him my situation they did not come Monday . Tues my daughter call said two guys where climbing over our locked fence and put tools over and started ripping off my railings . Mark the man who was here I talked to him and said I don’t have it all and Joe had only ask me if things fell through would u have another 5000 he said call again I did and got Rick u said il get together what I can but its not what Joe and j talked about and not what salesman said . I came home and wiped out our account and cashed in my bonds 10,500 they cash them and pulled the guys off the job and they took there tools. I called I have no railings u have grand children living here 7 and 11 I have animals and use my steps several times a day the same guys come back put tracks down and because I had said it was unsafe they put aluminum across where railing our and even across where j have to duck under and step over aluminum on deck . Weeks they don’t come back I called Rick and all he wanted was concerned was 1.500 and also said j needed like 7000 more they didn’t even get one job done they are also putting a roof and post it will extend what I already have that they are filling in there is no material here and the guys didn’t even know. I called Joe again I reminded him of our discussion I said il pay 500 I only owe 9500.00 and j don’t have material or labor adding what I paid 20.500 now we are getting snow every thing is open to the elements he said it’s made for that’s it’s ok I said it’s dangerous I have kids and animals he said what can u. Pay u again told him 500 a month and depending on our tax refund maybe I could pay it all then . So on Jan 22 Joe calls me back I was driving I put him on speaker my mother in law was with me , he said you said 500 a month and you will pay it off with tax I said don’t put words in my mouth u said if I get enough he said well how much I told him again I didn’t have them done . I said again it’s unsafe il call you back . Sat I call him and left a message I wasn’t home . My husband calls me and said there where two guys here to pick up my material I said don’t let them take anything it’s ours my husband talks to Joe he lies and said I talked with your wife and she agreed they told him they will take it clean it and store it he told them no . Iv lost my son and dealing with other horrible issues and my nerves are shot I’m out 20,500 and I ask them for my railing we where saving them for a front porch we could have put them back for safety until this horrible job gets done . Joe calls me but I can not talk I’m opening a escrow if I’m able . Please help me I don’t know what to do and don’t want to call them any more. Doris and Ronald Hensley

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