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This place is filled with careless and pathetic people!

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Published: 23 May 2019

Posted by: Carol

If you want to waste your money then the Better Vision Optometric Center is a great place for you. Otherwise, it’s the worst place you go to for any kind of eye treatment. The people here are really unprofessional and they sell cheap quality products at the prices of the original products. Even after replacing her lenses and frames two times, my mother didn’t get any quality products from this place. I wouldn’t recommend going to Better Vision for any kind of treatment. My mom had visited this place for getting a treatment. She had bought glasses from these people. But the problem was, they didn’t give any quality material. My mom needed a replacement for the glasses within a few weeks. Apparently, she couldn’t see through the lenses clearly. They had melted down a little because of sunlight. I don’t know what kind of cheap material was used in those lenses. I also found out that the people at Better Vision Optometric Center actually use low-quality material for their patients. They charge you handsome amounts yet they give you terrible products. I had gone to that place with my mother to complain about the glasses. Not only did their lenses have melted down a little, but the frames were also really uncomfortable for my mom to wear as well. They also needed an adjustment. At that time, I just wasn’t able to comprehend the fact that these people had scammed my mother with cheap products.

When I got there, they first made me and my mother wait for around 30 minutes before we could even do anything. They were just ‘too busy’ to handle any of our requests. When we finally got the chance, the person-in-charge of the replacements told my mom that she’ll need to get permission from the doctor first. Without permission from the doctor, she can’t get any replacements. Either that or she can buy new lenses and frame all over again. This is just a terrible scheme. They’re literally forcing their customers to see the doctor for no specific reason whatsoever. Their sole purpose is to get more money out of the patient’s pockets. My mom still visited the doctor and got replacements for the lenses and the frame. And as I had suspected, they turned out to be of cheap and horrible quality as well. She didn’t tell me for a few weeks. Now I’ve told her that she shouldn’t go to Better Vision anymore. That place is filled with scumbags who are focused too much on taking money from the customers. They use horrible products and sell them at high rates to make a good profit. Clearly, they are unethical and unprofessional. They don’t hesitate in wasting your time and money. There are plenty of other optometrists in the area and I’ve advised my mom to go there. This place isn’t worth visiting. It’ll only steal money from you and that’s it.

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