Beverly Hills Bridal Shop LLC

Beverly Hills Bridal Shop LLC

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was getting married in May of this year and i wanted something simple that didn’t look like a bridal dress because it was a very small wedding with only six people. On Wednesday March 5th 2018 i pounced upon Beverly Bridal shop and decided to check it out me and my aunt.These people caused me a headache this is what i learned when i was growing up about the crab in a barrel and now as i grow older i started to understand what my parent were talking about, so i pounce upon Beverly Hills Bridal Shop Inc and decided to check it out to view wedding dresses. i found a few dresses that had caught my eyes but was still iffy. I did saw this one dress that i had in mind but the store rep told me i have to leave a deposit on the dress. i did agreed and leave a deposit of $450.00 the price of the dress was $950. After i went home that night and was browsing the internet looking for flowers girl dress for my 4yrs old daughter I saw the same dress same brand for $350.00 i called the shop the following morning and the store clerk told me that the manager was at the hospital visiting her sick father, i asked when should i call back and the store clerk said the next day. next day i called back and the store clerk told me the manager was in the hospital, my husband called the following day and the clerk told him the manager was sick and in the hospital, the stories didn’t add up first it was the managers father then it was the manager. At that point i was getting frustrated so i decided to go there still no manager for me to speak to; i asked if i could get something else for the money the store clerk told me i could not get the money back or store credit. so my next step was to go to my bank. they did credit me the money back and after two weeks told me it was final. Now today June 26th Almost four months after the bank told me the claim was final ,i woke up and the bank took the $450 back from my account and told me the merchant told them that they had already payed for the dress to be sent by ups come on now i didn’t finalize the payment or the date of my wedding it wasn’t even a full day and they ordered the dress that just don’t make sense at all. now i got no dress, no store credit ,nothing for my money. and i lost $450 that’s a lot to lose in these hard times. but only us black people. i bet if i had went to macy’s or Burlington or any other big store they would have refunded me my money back or at least give me store credit for this. but i am putting all my paper works together because i will be taking Beverly hills bridal shop to court. so they will see my attorney in court soon. i would not recommend this bridal shop to no one i wish they had a zero star because they didn’t deserved not even one. i am newly married and have to be dealing with this stress as a newly wed. i would like to know what steps i can take to get my money back or something for my money.

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