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Published: 14 January 2017

Posted by: Gabriela W. Jones

I just can’t believe the guts of that cheating company Hammonds Furniture Ltd. Who the hell do they think they are? If I could, I would drag them to the police myself and put them behind bars for being the kind of lying low-life they are. They are the most unprofessional people I have ever met in my life. Even my gardener is smarter than these guys. I cannot believe that they are allowed to run their business

I hired their services exactly 4 months ago to get my room a dressing table in my bedroom. This included a mirror and a console. They assured me that they would give me the WOW experience with their services. So I hired their services wondering what that WOW was all about. I did find out.
These morons from Hammonds Furniture Ltd told me that they would not take more than 3 days to complete their job at hand. This included a Saturday and Sunday. At the most, I would’ve had to take a Monday off from work, if the project did exceed beyond these two days. At least, that is what I had thought. My wife Liddy offered to stay at home instead and have the work completed. And I was stupid enough to think that it would be the end of it.

Turns out, these guys couldn’t even complete the job in 3 days, they took more than a week to do it. When they came to our house first, they took measurements for the console and then came back the next day with the equipment and had to come back the next day for the measurements of the mirrors. I wonder why they didn’t do all that in one day itself.

They kept coming back to my house and each time with the wrong measurement of furniture. I had to take more days off work because these guys were at my house and that has affected me financially. I have also had to pay these guys a huge amount, as well. In fact, the WOW experience by Hammonds Furniture Ltd turned out to be quite the shock to me.

They tell you, and it’s on their website as well, that they will give you a discount of about 20-30% but those are only on selected ranges of furniture. All those are used ones and looks like crap. I am not even kidding, they are broken and dirty.

Also, two of the drawers that they have fit into my dressing table are stuck. When I called them to get them fixed they didn’t turn up. All that money I have spent is all down the drain. I am tired of calling them up constantly and asking them to do their job. What an utter waste of money. Hammonds Furniture Ltd churns out shoddy work and no less than a scam.

I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone in fact I would tell everyone to avoid these guys if they ever come across any of these cheats. Here is the link to their website, just in case you have been a victim of their scamming ways or just want to hurl some abuses at them – https://www.hammonds-uk.com/

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