Bexley 3five Weinstein Properties

Bexley 3five Weinstein Properties

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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We were also charged a significant amount of money by Weinstein Properties, Bexley 3Five, Bexley at Whitestone and many of their properties throughout Texas, North Carolina and Virginia have done this same exact scheme to people. This company is NOT to be trusted. I wish we would have read something about them before and we wouldnt be going through this ordeal with them. They have proven time and again that they canu2019t behave themselves and they apparently have decided its ok to steal from residents through Weinstein Properties infamous move u2018 out schemes where they make up charges, typically the carpet or overcharge for something, or make up things like resurfacing counters and then hold your credit and rental history hostage if you dispute any of it and donu2019t pay. Itu2019s not just us they have done this to, a lot of people are speaking out about this company because they have been a victim of being charged or overcharged. Not only that, they have some horrible attitudes and a lot of people say the same thing about them. All we can say is we never had to deal with these kinds of dishonesty before and hope we never have to again. Hopefully someone will learn from our mistake and just find another apartment that isnt Weinstein Properties. I dont recommend anyone move into one of these apartments.

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