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Published: 06 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

SCAM ALERT!!!RED FLAGS!!!BEWARE!!! First off , they required me to send them & 036;250 to research my company and Idea. When they found out I had a history of innovative products they scheduled a a call with me and I scheduled an 11:00 call in with Beyond Buzz. I called in exactly at that time and was put on hold. After waiting for a while I was hung up on. I called back to be told they were on another call. Waited a half an hour and called back. Garrett and Mark were on the line and told me they had a 6 figure client on the line so that is why they did not pick up. WOW, being a new client and being told this RED FLAG 1. Then I proceeded to tell them that I had been doing a lot of research and meeting with other crowdfunding consultants to see who would be the best fit when I was told by that that to them was a red flag. So to them it is a red flag that I am doing my do-diligence in comparing companies that may want to work with! RED FLAG 2.. So then, I tried to be as nice as possible and explain to these Bozo’s why it is a good idea to do prior research on crowdfunding companies because their are a lot of scams out there and why meeting in person is much better than over the phone. THis apparently was taken by them as a negative thing and they could not understand why I would do this and quickly changed the subject into how much budget I had. i explained in detail that would depend on a lot of factors but said I had up to 15,000 to start. This is when it got weird and they straight up said for that little bit of money up front it basically it was not worth thier time and I was coming in "too hot" with my concerns of the possible scams out there. RED FLAG 3 – DONE. Anyone who know me will attest that I am a reasonable person that knows a lot about business. That is because I have decades of experience running successful companies. I am new at crowdfunding so I am doing a lot of research on it. I can tell you based on my direct experience with these guys you should either stay clear or definetly do some of your own research. I am a busy person and don’t take the time to write reviews but in this instance I feel it is important to others like me who are looking for a reputable company to avoid these snakes . I highly suggest to do as much research and comparisons as possible. Good luck out there.

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