Bidic Autolines In Willamstown

Bidic Autolines In Willamstown

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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This place is almost criminal. I bought a 2004 Hyundai tiburon. The man who sold it to me was named chuck simpson. He told me that it was in “mint” condition. Quickly i pointed out that it needed a new battery breaks and a cupple minor things. Well he said he would have them fixed sent it to the shop while i signed the paper work and that was that. This is were all the problems started. The next week the clutch started acting up so i told the guy jason the service manager and he said to bad its not covered under warranty.I called and called telling him that i cant even get the car past 3500 rpms with out the clutch sliping and then he told me i didnt know how to drive a manual.(thats all i have had my whole life) then the week after that i find out the cars breaks were frozen onto the rotors and the e break was busted which caused me to get into an acident. Since then the shocks have gone the electrical system is gone the window regulator is shot and my trany is going. So i try to use my warranty and they said no its abuse. I tryed to explain to jason the service manager that they have my call on record that it cant be abuse but he denys my claim and says you pay for it to come apart and if its not abuse we will cover it. my car is still at the shop and its been over a month the warranty company is a scam, robin handles all the claims.(she is the owners daughter inlaw) with jasons advice.(if you tell him another mechanic told you somthing diffrent he will start to degrade you) the warranty company just handles the calls for them to make it look more offical, that coming from tod at the warranty company dont buy from this place, i dont know how they stay in busness but its only a matter of time before criminal charges are pressed. they will sell you a total peice of crap and then make you pay for it, and if you ask for a copy of the paperwork you signed, i promise you it takes a court order to get it out, or for me its that way Nomorescams blackwood, New JerseyU.S.A.

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