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Published: 16 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I have a 2006 Kia Sedona Mini-Van that I drove into the Big Bell Kia Dealer at 2121 E. Bell Rd in Phoenix with a horrible knocking coming from the engine compartment. Here is how things went down. The service man tells me that my transmission is shot and I have 33000 miles on the van. He then looks at me and says, “when did you have the transmission flushed?” “I said not yet, I have an appointment with you guys next week to get it done”. He then says, that’s too late. You are suppose to have it done at 30,000 miles and you have 33,000 miles so I cannot warranty a replacement for the transmission. Of course, I was expecting something from him as he snaked into the room saying “we have to talk”. So he tells me that if I pay $280 for a transmission flush, then he can warranty the transmission and get me a new one for free…. I said “HUH?” Scratching my head….so you want me to pay you $280, you will flush the transmission which is bad anyway, and then put a new transmission in for free… “Yep”..That’s the only way that I can warranty your transmission, if it has been flushed….I said NOPE, I am not going to pay you $280 for nothing…absolutely not. This is a scam and I have an appointment set for next week, but the transmission apparently didn’t make it until next week….and you are going to make me pay for something that won’t do any good…. He then goes to his boss and comes back telling me that if I pay $273 for the 35,000 mile tune-up, then they will warranty the transmission… So now we have gone from …. there is NO WAY that I can warranty the transmission unless I flush it first for $280 to I can do a tune up for $273 and warranty your transmission….So for an oil change, tire rotation, fuel cleaner, battery check and so forth…I said OK and got a new transmission and a tune up. So, to get my warranty I had to pay for the tune up from a dealer….which we all know is a rip off in itself…..but, they were blatantly lieing and just trying to get that commission or sale so that the warranty work was not all that was done. I said to them, there is also a noise in the front end that sounds as if the entire front end is falling off and a metal to metal squealing every so often. They sent the vehicle back….could not find anything wrong with front end, could not reproduce squealing. I drove away only to feel as if the car was falling apart on every little bump that i hit…. So the front end got real bad and the squealing was horrible about 60 days later. I took it back and sat there for 3 1/2 hours. I then walk up to RYAN (the little lying b*****d) and asked what the time frame looked like on the van. He says, I’ll go check and let you know….meanwhile I made sure that I walked outside every once in a while and I never saw anyone near my van..EVER! Ryan (the little lying b*****d) came back and told me that …. get this…”the service technician that IS working on your car is on a test drive with another customer”….I said “really” he’s working on my car, but test driving a car with another customer…. A few minutes later this technician pulls up in his orange mustang with his McDonalds cup in his hand, walks up to Ryan…Ryan (the little lying b*****d) comes up to me and says that the strut mounts are bad and they heard no squealing….(they never even drove the car further than the garage – 500ft) My shuttle driver was out looking for your parts, but could not find any…. So here I stand after 3 1/2 hours….van never touched, never driven, technician NOT driving another customer…but went to lunch instead. I asked the shuttle driver if he had a hard time finding the parts for my van and he said…”I dont know what you are talking about”….Ryan (the little lying b*****d) forgot to fill him in on the lie. So I am told that they will order the parts and call me back….this was a Thursday….the next Tuesday I HAD TO CALL to see if the parts were in….they knew nothing about any parts….Ryan (the little lying b*****d) the scurried late Tuesday to get the parts to be put in on Thursday…. So to bring all of this together…….I had front end issues and squealing in December that BIG BELL KIA could not find or reproduce I have front end and squealing MUCH WORSE in March that they say the strut mounts are bad, but they could not find any squealing problems….could not reproduce….now ….if you drive this car for 3 minutes and make a few turns the squealing i so loud that it scares people walking on the sidewalks as you drive by….THEY COULD NOT REPRODUCE Oh yeah……when Ryan (the little lying b*****d) told me that the strut mounts were bad and needed to be replaced, I asked…so is that what is making the metal to metal squealing sounds? He replies “Yes”….So Ryan (the little lying b*****d) when I am driving the car and make a left turn and the squealing metal on metal starts….is that the strut mounts…”Yes” Hmmm…. So I drop the van off on Wednesday morning at 9 am and am told that it will tak about 1 1/2 hours…..ok, cool…..but I also mention to Ryan (the little lying b*****d) that the metal on metal squealing CANNOT be the strut mounts because it goes away when I hit the brakes….he says really with a surprise… I said Yes…metal on metal coming form the FRONT RIGHT TIRE….. It was totally apparent by walking next to the vehicle when it was driving slow that the front right wheel was having problems…. So…remember that 1 1/2 hour time frame…..I did not hear anything for 5 1/2 hours so I called…..first call I press 1 for service and a message comes on saying….the voice mail box is full, please try your call again later….and hung up on me. I called back and pressed 0 for the operator….the same message comes up and hangs up on me…. I call parts and have the poor parts guy running around trying to find my car and an update…. Ryan (the little lying b*****d) calls me back and says that the are still working on the strut mounts and he has no idea when it will be done….this is 3:00 pm. He then tells me that they found the metal to metal squealing sound and it was the rear brake pads and I need new pads….I said, uh, no, they were inspected already last week and found to be fine….the front is the problem… Ryan (the little lying b*****d) comes back with “Oh, so we are just telling you something to make money and it really does not need to be done in an extremely sarcastic tone…..I said …it sure seems that way…he goes off yelling at me and telling me that he is taking pictures and going to make me sign a form that the car is unsafe to drive and if I take it somewhere else I will voice the warranty….what a little punk this guy was…IS I said….if I take it somewhere else to get my brakes done…I’m going to void my warranty….The brakes are not warrantied anyway…. So, in three meetings BIG BELL KIA did nothing but Lie, cheat and steal…NOT ONLY from me, but from Kia as well on the Transmission warranty…. My time, my money, my integrity, my patience, my temper…..all so that a car dealer could get a couple hundred bucks !! Totally Done with BIG BELL KIA Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on KIA

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