Big Dawg Fence | Likely a good fence company.. Ripoff Scams Investigates. Big Dawg Fence Company FALLS VICTIM to a SERIAL AUTHOR

Big Dawg Fence | Likely a good fence company.. Ripoff Scams Investigates. Big Dawg Fence Company FALLS VICTIM to a SERIAL AUTHOR

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Published: 20 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

THIS NAMED FENCING COMPANY / INDIVIDUAL IS THE VICTIM OF A SERIAL AUTHOR! MORE THAN LIKELY POSTED BY A COMPETITORu2026 DONu2019T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ! THE CONTENT OF THE REPORT BELOW OUR EDITORAL COMMENT IS HIGHLY SUSPECT! It appears that a Serial Author wrote approximately 16 Reports, each similarly worded, about different fence contractors/companies located in Central Florida. Contained below is a Report written by what Ripoff Scams deems a u201cSerial Authoru201d. Ripoff Scams has recently coined the term u201cSerial Authoru201d to define Authors that often create multiple different accounts and/or file repetitive Reports either against a single individual or business or will target multiple individuals or multiple businesses across a particular industry. The Reports written are often similar in content and/or are similar in the allegations being made. While Ripoff Scams keeps a watchful eye, it is very difficult to identify these Serial Authors until much later, usually after someone brings the situation to our attention or we catch on because the pattern was noticed internally. While Ripoff Scams remains an advocate of Free Speech, and has a general policy against removing Reports, we also do not condone such unscrupulous behavior by an Author either! Ripoff Scams is intended to be u201cby consumer, for consumeru201d reporting for truthful and accurate reporting of real experiences that individuals may have had with other individuals or businesses. In fact, every time that an author files a Report they have to affirm, by checking a box, they the information they are providing is true. It is NOT intended for competitors, disgruntled ex-employees, ex-partners or the like, to falsely bash another individual or business simply to gain revenge or some advantage in the marketplace. RULES While we have rules in place, we rely on the authors to do the right thing. Unfortunately, rules relating to our website are similar to speed limits. Some people obey the speed limit exactly. Some people will break the law and drive over the speed limitu2026but maybe only by 5 or 10 miles per hour and some see that as perfectly acceptable behavior. Others see the speed limit signs as mere suggestions or something to be challenged to see if they will get caught. Just as speeding is against the law, providing FALSE and DEFAMATORY information about an individual or business is AGAINST THE LAW. Freedom of Speech, and the right to remain anonymous, DOES NOT extend to such postings and Ripoff Scams will work with authorities and/or comply with appropriately presented subpoenas for author information so that they can seek appropriate legal remedies against the author(s) so that justice can be done. We firmly believe that true and accurate u201cby consumer, for consumeru201d reviews are very valuable to society and have helped warn other potential victims about scams and other bad dealings. Similarly, such information has helped the authorities bring unscrupulous individuals and businesses to justice. On the other hand, in cases of situations like this, where a Serial Author has taken advantage of our pro-consumer forum for personal gains against an individual, business or businesses across a particular industry, we feel it appropriate to WARN CONSUMERS that this Report, and others like it, are HIGHLY SUSPECT and that there is a HIGH LIKELIHOOD of the INFORMATION being FALSE and/or MISLEADING. If you did research and stumbled upon this Report about this company/individual alone, without more, you may let it deter you from doing business with them. We are here to tell you that, without more, and under the circumstances of this situation, such negative inference against this company/individual is unfair because it appears, based on information we have, this company is a victim. Author is located in Central Florida from 3 different IP address In this particular instance it appears that a Serial Author wrote approximately 16 Reports, each similarly worded, about different fence contractors/companies located in Central Florida from 3 different IP address. Working within the guidelines of our companyu2019s policies and procedures we are addressing each Report known to be at issue with this WARNING TO CONSUMERS. We have been working with their local fencing association, and conducting research on this matter for months, which is why we are only now able to issue this WARNING. Further, we will continue to work with the fencing association and the reported contractors/companies to help ensure that consumers are aware that these particular Reports are HIGHLY SUSPECT and have a strong likelihood of being FALSE and/or MISLEADING. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: ..Every day crooks file frivolous lawsuits, often filled with bogus information, against those they want to hurt so that they can play victim. Those lawsuits and their false content stay forever as a permanent record which, more and more, can be found through research on search engines. The person who files the bogus lawsuit usually ends up withdrawing the lawsuit after filing it so they can use the false lawsuit to show people that they are the victim with bogus claims. These types of people also circulate the information about the bogus lawsuit on the internet, including but not limited to PR websites, on competitoru2019s websites, and other social media channels, so they can convince customers that they are in the right (after all, who go to the trouble of filing a lawsuit if they werenu2019t right?). Well, truth is, filing fees, in the grand scheme of things donu2019t cost that much and, in reality these types of people are just crooks themselves and will go to great lengths to fabricate their own version of the truth. What is sad is when those with deep pockets will do whatever they can to stamp out the truth because they know the person who REALLY IS TELLING THE TRUTH canu2019t afford to adequately defend themselves. We saw this with one Florida case where Ripoff Scams actually jumped in to help the victim of the bully (and won!), but of course, no good deed goes unpunished, so Ripoff Scams got a lot of negative publicity for it because of the choice of words that one judge decided to use. Ripoff Scams itself has fallen victim to this exact scenario! A unscrupulous business filed a lawsuit based upon false information about Ripoff Scams only to make people think Ripoff Scams is bad. True story! It is the same kind of people that file these bogus lawsuits that that will file bogus complaints on different websites about their competitors, usually pretending to be a customer, to make themselves look better than the other guys! Consumers be warned of this tactic! Be wary of the ones who cry foul the loudest! Re they really trying to warn you or are they trying to deceive you and cover something up? Just because you read the same thing, in multiple places, still doesnu2019t make it true. Especially today where media blasts through the internet are prevalent. Itu2019s important to conduct research, through multiple credible sources, before rendering final decisions about whether or not to conduct business with a particular individual or company. . While we are always appreciative of consumers utilizing our website as a resource for information, realize that Reports on Ripoff Scams may not always be accurate and, as such, you should also consider other reliable resources before you make any decisions on whether or not to do business with a reported individual or business ~ Ripoff Scams Staff Donu2019t believe anything about that was submitted below.. u200bBig Dawg Fence Big Dawg Tampa Bay Florida I use to work for Big Dawg and wanted to tell people a thing or two before you have Big Dawg come out. I moved out of state to start my own restaurant business and left Big Dawg back in 2011. Owning a restaurant business and offering quality food and taking care of my customers are my number one goal, so anything below that would bother me; this is why I wanted to write this review about Big Dawg. Hereu2019s some good info for customers to think about first before you have Big Dawg come out. High reviews that you find with this company are just plain out bogus. They claim to offer such u201cgreat worku201d, but the owner of Big Dawg is just your typical Clearwater drug addict trying to make a quick buck. Yea, they might be cheaper than most companies out there, BUT they order cheap china fencing and presents a bogus booklet to customers during a quote claiming that his fence is u201cUSAu201d made and offers a u201clifetime warrantyu201d on the fence. This is bogus by all means. The fence you see when they come out is NOT what you will be getting. Your fence might look pretty once they get done putting it up, BUT give it about 2-6 months and you will start to see the fence sag and gates bow in. WHY? Because the fence is very cheaply made, along with them not using concrete on any of the post or gates for reinforcement and I asked Big Dawg once why they donu2019t use concrete on the fencing post or gates, the response were u201cto make more profit from the job and to get the job done quicker.u201du200b

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