BIG independent Group

BIG independent Group

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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Ever since my agency signed up with QQ Solutions I have been receiving emails from this nonstandard insurance trade association BIG Independent Group. Big Independent group was having a producers meeting to announce the Latino Chapter of BIG Independent Group. There is nothing wrong with having a Latino trade association, EXCEPT for one small thing, YOU and NO ONE related to you is Latino. Being at this BIG Latino meeting wasnu2019t about the insurance producers since 80% of the people who attended were insurance marketing reps and vendors. After withering away for almost 90 minutes at the BIG Independent Group I have a better picture in my mind what BIG Independent Group is about. One producer told me he thought things have changed with BIG Independent Group by forming this BIG Latino, but he was wrong. He said they put the Latino owner of Uniko to be the face of it, but now he is being solicited all the time by Uniko. It seems BIG Independent Group is more about making a profit off the Latino name instead of helping the Latino Insurance Producer. Toward the end of the meeting I went out to have a smoke and had a nice conversation with a producer. She had told me told me ever since they changed their name from Brokers Independent Group they have been all about that greed, all about that greed, no trouble. She then mentioned that there was a Latin American Agents Association that would have their meetings at Stevens Steak House in the city of commerce once a month. She that it was very LOW class that BIG Independent Group from the 909 area code would come ALL the way to LA County to announce their BIG Latino Chapter at Stevens Steak House. She said what business professional would do this, then again she said what 55 year old break dance at a professional insurance event??? I had paid cash at the door and I was refused a refund. I asked for a refund when I heard that the Latin American agents association is back and SOMEONE said u201cI will put them OUT of business a second time and laughed. I could have been home with my wife and kids. Google provided me with more info in 5 mins than it took them 2 hours to get out. BIG Independent Group should change their name to BIG Imitation Group if they are infringing on another trade associations brand. There are pleanty of insurance trade shows out there other than BIG Independent Group that are not RUN by company vendors and insurance carriers.

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