Big O Tires-El Cajon, CA

Big O Tires-El Cajon, CA

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Published: 15 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Absolutely the worst experience I ever had. I went to get an oil change because I had a coupon for 19.99. Not even that cheap, but I thought..well it’s Big O tires, they will do a good job. They finished in about an hour, but when I got back, apparently there were 3 other things wrong with my car that needed to be fixed. The person I spoke with, Tim, said..oh well, these mechanics don’t really know what they are doing, let me go look. Apparently I needed some sort of seal for my oil pan. I said no thanks, and left..My car was acting bad, and my transmission seemed to be missing as soon as I left. I called them and Tim answered and said sorry, we are closed. I asked if I could please bring my car back and find out the issue and he said no way. We are closed. I told him my transmission was acting bad right away as soon as I left and he said He couldn’t do anything. I took it to a real mechanic. Apparently someone drained my transmission there and burned my transmission up. Also the seal on my oil pan was completely intact. Nothing was wrong there. I looked on my receipt and it said ‘needs transmission service’. I called and the Owner CALLED me back and said..well we didn’t even do anything to the transmission. I asked how he knew it needed service and he said he’s not sure. I asked why they said my oil pan had a leak when it does not, and he had no answer for that either. All around they were so extremely rude and unhelpful. I went all the way to corporate, and noone helped me whatsoever. They do not stand behind their work at all, and Tim says they do not even hire ‘real mechanics’. He stated that they hire people that only know how to change oil, nothing else. And they are not even certified. It makes me very angry that I took my car there and got VERY badly hurt. it will cost me over 2500 dollars to fix the mistake Tim and Big O tires slapped me with. They eventually offered me a free oil change. I asked them who would be doing it. They said they would. I declined. for obvious reasons. And I no longer need my oil changed. My car is parked. They killed it.

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