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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In October of 2008, I took my vehicle to Big-O Tires in Rocklin, CA, to take advantage of a coupon I had received in the mail for a front end alignment. The employees at this store proceeded to tell me I needed almost $2,000 worth of parts on the front end, and that my vehicle could not be aligned without them. Included in this list of parts were “2 lower control arm ball joints, front wheel seals, and the steering gear box.” My vehicle is only four years old, and at the time had 49,000 miles on it….very doubtful it was indeed in need of such repairs. I walked out of their store, not submitting to the recommended repairs. I did not believe them. I then took my vehicle to another tire store, got the needed alignment, and was told absolutely nothing was wrong with the front end of my vehicle. I filed a complaint report with the BBB, and the California BAR (bureau of automotive repair). Big-O Tires neglected to reply to several letters from the BBB, asking them to respond to my complaint. In February of 2009, I brought my vehicle to the Rocklin Big-O store for inspection by a BAR Officer. The BAR Officer had the Big-O employees attempt to demonstrate WHY they stated my vehicle needed $2,000 worth of repairs. They were unable to do so. The ball joints were within specs, and the steering gear box was unmistakably tight. The BAR Officer flagged this Big-O franchise in their files, and gave them a severe warning, stating that “if there was another complaint, then more serious consequences would be in store”. Apparently the “coupons” sent in in the mail are to lure in unsuspecting victims, who are then “sold” unnecessary repairs. Early on, I had also sent a letter to the Big-O corporate headquarters, and received no response whatsoever. I then sent a second letter via email …..again…NO RESPONSE. After the BAR Officer declared there was nothing whatsoever wrong with my vehicle, the owner or manager of this store finally contacted the BBB and stated (lied): “This was resolved with the customer on 2/26/09. The vehicle was re-inspected with a BAR representative and the customer both present, the results of the INITIAL INSPECTION WERE UPHELD. The customer was satisfied and the case was closed with no action from the BAR.” The “initial inspection” from Big-O, back in October, 2008, declared I needed $2,000 worth of scam repairs! And the customer (me) was satisfied only in that Big-O was found caught in their lie. LIES, LIES, and more LIES!! Never again will I do business with ANY Big-O franchise. Beware….get a second opinion! Stay away from Big-O Lie! Loathe crooks Auburn, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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