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Big Star Moving $199 Moving Special Review

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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY! I originally completed an online estimate and asked for a 9am moving time. About a week later I received an email stating I requested an 11am move time. Since I was somewhat flexible I decided that 11am was fine. The Saturday before my Monday move I received a call from Sergio asking if he could push the move to 1pm. I wasn’t thrilled with this request, but agreed since the company was recommended to me by a friend and I had enough time to inform my boss about when I would be missing work to move. Then I receive a confirmation of my move via email on Saturday evening stating my move was at 2pm, and that I have to be prepared for the movers to arrive an hour before or an hour after my appointment. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy. Especially since this information was disclosed in an email and not over the phone. Since It was only two days before my move it was too late to cancel and find another company, so I decided to just deal with it. On my move day I was at my former residence at 1:30, I sat there waiting until about 2:30 and then decided to give them a call. Sergio informed me that there was a two hour moving window and technically they had until 3pm to arrive, but as a courtesy to me he would follow up with his team and find out what the hold up was. So, he calls me back a few minutes later and tells me they are finishing the earlier job that ran late and they will be at my house in 30 min. Well, 30 minutes passes and I get a call from the actual movers who say that they are actually just finishing up the job now and they will be there in 30 minutes. Ok, so now Im looking at an arrival time of 3:30 when I originally requested 9am… awesome. So around 4:30 I STILL do not have anyone there to move my furniture I call Sergio back. As I’m on the phone with him his guys show up. He tells me “My guys are there now, I have been honest with you and upfront, I don’t know what to tell you,” Honest? Upfront? The whole reason I hired movers was to avoid the stress associated with moving, and that was NOT what happened. So after realizing I was getting no where with this guy I told him I would just deal with it. So as Im talking to his team, I guess he tried to call me back and I didn’t answer (because I was telling his staff what needed to be moved). He then calls his team and tells them not move my stuff because I was rude to him and he is refusing to do business with me. So his movers tell me to call him back and see what I can work out. Well, Sergio basically tells me to eat s**t and die and hangs up the phone. Awesome Customer Service…. The guy is a total hot head, I had a valid concern as he wasted a ton of my time and the guy flips out on me. So, if you have all day to wait around for you furniture to get moved, use this company. Otherwise I would strongly suggest using Two Men and a Truck. The last time I moved I used them and they were AWESOME! Super helpful, friendly and PUNCTUAL. .

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