Big Z Auto Works And Data Line Credit Corp

Big Z Auto Works And Data Line Credit Corp

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Published: 30 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am writing to hopefully help consumers avoid getting ripped off by Auto Towing Yards, and the collection agencies that do their dirty work. I sold a car four years ago to a private party. About six months ago I get a letter from Big Z Auto Works stating that they had this particular car is in impound. I call them and a women tells ‘yes’ it is in impound, but I have nothing to worry about. Three months later I get a bill from Data Line Credit Corp. with a bill for $1477, already it had $100 interest tacked on, and this was the first I hear from them?! When I sold the car I filled out the Notice of Release of Liability and mailed it to DMV the same day. Data Line Credit says ‘not on file’ with DMV. Wrong answer, crooks! It cost me $20, but I got a copy of the NRL. I will never pay these rip off artists! I bought the car for $1400, sold it for $850, and four years later I get a bill for $1500? What really ticked me off is Big Z Auto Works sent me to collection without even notifying me, figuring I would pay them to avoid harming my credit. I think they run a terrible business (Big Z Auto Works and Data Line Credit), I will NEVER pay them even one dime, I don’t care if they send me to Iraq! They miscalculated, my sister is a civil attorney and is willing to help me resolve this sham. I guess the buyer of this car never registered it out of my name, on top of the fact he wrote me a bad check for $200 of the total price (yes, I was a dummy for accepting a personal check and trusting this guy). So, the moral of the story is, make sure you fill out the NRL when you sell your car, and be sure to mail it to DMV SAC right away. This is the only thing that will protect you in the event multiple crooks try to steal from you! I just don’t have $1500 to give away to someone that doesn’t want to work, and I don’t pay bills I do not owe! I only pay bills that I owe! I hope this helps other people to avoid falling into this scam. Good luck from dan Daniel Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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