Bigos Management And Bobby And Steve's Auto World

Bigos Management And Bobby And Steve's Auto World

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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am another rent paying good tenant of the Bigo’s Management Company’s property Park Towers in Saint Louis Park, MN. I have never been late on a rent payment and even recently renewed my lease on my apartment. The apartment is in a great location relative to where my work is, they even do a great job and quickly responding to work orders submitted. But there is one huge problem; they have some deal worked out with Bobby and Steve’s towing service company to make them extra cash. Last night after paying a visit to my parents, my dad decided to take off some of the stickers from my car. He asked witch one I needed for my lot, I was 90% sure it was the big orange sticker. However it turned out to be the little circle blue one Easy mistake to make as the apartment has changed the sticker recently so even though the orange one was good about one month ago the blue one was actually the correct one. I had the old sticker on there and not the new… So I got towed. I woke up early Monday morning after only having my car parked there for about 11 hours over night from 8pm-7am (with the old sticker in my window and please note that Park towers DOES keep a record of all of their tenants license plates as well). My car was gone. Bobby and Steve’s said they check the lot 4-5 times a day!! Crazy, and I know they are just doing what their told… But that’s ridiculous for a parking lot that has plentttyyy of space and is never ever full or in a busy location. We’re located in a neighborhood area, not down town or in a highly populated area that should have those types of concerns. I can understand monitoring it on a weekly basis, checking once or twice or even 4 times a week, but 4-5 times daily seems obsessive. All in all I blame this on Park Towers. I’ve spoken to many people about this since it happened. Most apartments who keep records of license plates provide these records to the towing company so if they don’t see a sticker before towing they can double check to see if it is actually a tenant. They have these records but are not providing the towing company with them. This leads too many unhappy tenants (as you can see I’m not the first person upset to report this and I know many probably just haven’t reported it but are upset as well). This simple measure of providing that list to this company would resolve so many issues and keep happy tenants. However, Bigos is in it for the money and they must have some special deal to help out Bobby and Steve’s because this is just ridiculous. No as I’ve signed some sheet that said I’d have that sticker on there they are not even willing to consider helping a good tenant with the fees either. I’m out 225 dollars (paid in cash only!) because I was not positive what was the newer sticker (even though the old one was still for this same apartment and they know that’s my car). Please post if you have had similar experiences. Lets as loyal law abiding consumers attempt to change Bigo’s procedures for our sake! Upset consumer Saint Louis Park, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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