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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have played a online game which I consider to be online gambling as you pay for a chance to win something. This is a established popular and addicting game. I had to start a new account recently due to a older account being deleted due to inactivity. I had spent many hours and dollars on the deleted account. | My new account was also considered a premium or pay account. This is to make game play a little faster and gives you better odds at drops for hunting shineys and pearls on the seachart. This game can be played solo but to advance during a event you are forced to play in a group if you wish to gain top awards. | The denial of service I encountered is recieiving bans during the events so I could not participate. My latest ban included a week ban and threat of loss of a account for the user name of “69superspot” which we all know is a muscle car and not threatening or sexualy explicit in any way. That ban resulted in me having to set out for the event of that week. | My current ban was not explained to me. I did contact the moderator who issued the ban. I also contacted support but they failed to comply. I even mentioned the fact I will be back after the even as I will now be banned again. Last week over 1600 folks recieved bans and could not play. I believe this is denial of service on the games part. | I also believe a theft of service happened due to premiums I purchased just for the event Since I can participate in a group there would be little benefit of trying shoot NPC’s solo. While I believe chat bans to be necessary as a adult I have acted as such and been very respectful to all in the game. Not being able to talk and coordinate with my fellow mates has been very disruptive. | I also was unguilded when these bans took place. Chat bans means you cn not search for a clan so you can shoot as a group and enjoy the benfits of being in a strong alliance. As a solo player you have no chance even if you spent the max amount allowed to build your ship. | I would like to summarize that there is some bored mean people who are allowed to control a game of chance that has hurt m,any people. Not only does the game brag about this but has continued to ban folks from the game. Must be some sort of tax rite off. Your two options to get the ban resolved is the chat moderator who banned you and a support page that just sends out canned messages that doesnt help. You never really get to talk to a real person. The only thing that works is the payment section, as the rest of the game has to be restared daily.

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