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Bijan scammed me out of all the money I had - Scammers!!

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Published: 14 January 2017

Posted by: Gabriela W. Jones

Kirito/Bijan duet – false gold/jewelry merchants. Well, where to start…I just have been scammed out of all the money I had.

I’m not looking for any advice because I know this is my own entire fault and I feel absolutely angry at myself. I just wanted to share my thoughts, warn other people and hopefully, stop someone else getting scammed like I did. Also by posting what details I have on these lowlifes, maybe they will show up in the search engines if anyone is trying to check them out.

I just wish I did my job and searched the web before having ANY business with Kimberly Kirito and a financial expert from England, some guy Bijan Kasraie.

I wanted to buy some wholesale jewelry on-line for my little shop and spent the last 4 weeks searching for “reliable” companies to buy from. Finally, I thought I had found a good source and made phone contact. They were very professional and up front with contact details eg. Phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and websites, only to find out (too fckning late) that all this was false and stolen information.

I placed an order for 10 golden rings, few assorted necklaces and paid out over 2000 USD using the Western Union (I still can’t believe I was so fckn stupid!).

And, you guessed it, the jewelry never arrived! Pieces of shit even gave me a tracking number for the courier so that I could track the progress. Obviously, I have since found out that the courier firm “” is a fake and apparently the site domain name has been fabricated by these scammers to be used as a mask for a legitimate and independent business.

When the jewels had supposedly arrived (arrived where!!) they then said I had to pay another 2000 USD in some customs tax which I was expecting if I ordered the goods from Europe or Asia, but not the USA.
By this time, I was already having huge doubts about the validity of the whole deal and had started searching a lot deeper than I had been (yes, I know I should have done this in the first place but everything seemed so genuine at the time).

Lo and behold, I found about dozen other people in another forum who had been scammed by some of the same creeps I was dealing with.

Needless to say I didn’t pay the extra money and I confronted the main person I had been dealing, the bitch Kimberly Kirito, with the information I had found, amazingly she denied everything I asked her about and insisted that once I paid the tax I would receive the package, but never once answered the accusations I put to her about the fake couriers, phone numbers etc.

I was then contacted by her partner in crime Kasraie via email and was told that everything is ready for delivery, the only thing holding the deal back was ME…FFS!

I have spoken to my local police and they don’t seem to be very interested and say that it would be almost impossible to track these people down. It was my mistake they said and it was nothing I could do.

But these fuckers are still operating in the US so folks, BE AWARE and don’t trust anyone who approaches you with any of these names.

The names I have are:
Kimberly Anne Frias, Kimberly Anne Zajicek, Kim Kirito, Kimberly Anne Kerrick, K Kirito, Bijan Dolotobadi, Bijan Kasraie, Kimberly Kirito, Kimberly Frias, Kimberly Zajicek, Kimberly Kerrick, Kimberly Anne Kirito, Bijan Geterudi
And don’t forget the courier service

I know this is my own idiotic fault, but I really needed to blow some steam, and hopefully stop someone else from falling into the same stupid trap with these scum.

I am absolutely devastated by what I’ve let happen here and I feel sick to my stomach, not to mention having family problems at present. I don’t consider myself an idiot, I’m in my late forties and have been round (or so I thought) to be able to spot a fraud, but obviously I was wrong about that! I hope in the future I will be able to look back on this as yet another life’s valuable lesson, at the moment however I am just filled with anger and grief that people are capable of doing this to each other without any thought for the repercussions of their actions upon other people.

I truly hope they will one day rot in jail!

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