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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Violet M. Quiles

I’m Will and I retired in March last year. The money that I got from my retirement plan was somewhere around $80,000. My wife and I had come to an age where we would’ve no longer been able to work further for finances. So we decided to put this money into various investment options, so that we could have a share of earnings from this amount. I was a big fool that I didn’t do my research properly and got myself trapped by this lady called Bijan who uses other names as well.

She met me a month after my retirement and displayed a great investment scheme that could’ve given me a fair amount of money each month. Since I was looking for a similar plan that could give me a fair amount for every month’s expenditure, I thought this was a good one for me. This fraud lady had weaved this scam which I was unaware about.
After I had given a major portion of my retirement money that was $60,000 to her for the investment, I found out that she had defrauded me and planned not to give me any money.

I kept contacting her for months after that. She did respond for a few times but after that everything went blank. I was clueless of what was going on. The papers that were given to me in the name of our investment proof were all fake. I literally had a heart attack and I am barely surviving till date let me tell you.
This lady should be hanged or she should be shot dead in a public place amongst all the investors she has befooled till date!!

She is a very smooth talker and had really made the plan appear genuine. Bloody hell! My wife and myself now have no money and no way to earn for our living. Imagine the plight of a retired old couple like us who has no money and no earnings as of now.
The entire amount of money that we got as the retirement savings was lost to this swindler.
This female, I hear, is still continuing to victimize other people and I really don’t want that to happen to anyone. My wife has been into depression ever since she came to know about the loss of the entire money and I’ve never felt so helpless before.
If anyone has a single clue of where this female is or how we could retrieve our money, please please do let me know!

We have no hope, no earning option and are dying each day because of the fraud she’s done with us!
I appeal everyone to stay away from this lady and save your money by investing in a reliable bank scheme. Even though it gives smaller returns, it’s far better than losing all your money in a scheme that promises big but leaves you with nothing.

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