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Published: 02 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous advertised Avon Storm AV55 and AV56 motorcycle tires for $43.65 USD each. Their normal price is nearly 4x that amount. I called their customer service line to ensure that this was a correct price, and was assured by John that it was not a pricing error and that I should go ahead and make an order. I made the order, and received confirmation that it had been placed at the above price, order #DBHCHQ2. One day later, I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled due to UPS’s inability to ship tires to Canada via ground. I contacted Brendan via’s Live Chat utility, and was told that I could have the tires shipped to a US address, but that I would have to pay ~$160USD per tire instead of the price I had confirmed originally. Brendan stated that nobody who placed orders for the tires had received them, and that it was a pricing error. He could not explain why John confirmed earlier that it was not a pricing error, nor could he explain why others could see that their tires had already been shipped at the low advertised price. I then called John, and was informed that the pricing error was on the distributor’s end, and that there was no way that he could give me any sort of discount. The tires in question are here: Information from other people who did receive the advertised price is here: The chat log with Brendan from is as follows: Please wait for a Live Help operator to respond. You are now chatting with ‘Brendan – Sales’ Brendan – Sales: Welcome to’s Sales Department. If your question is concerning a part, please include the YEAR / MAKE / MODEL of the machine it is for. Brendan – Sales: How may I assist you today? [email protected]: Hi, i just got an email regarding a recent order: DBHCHQ2 [email protected]: Apparently it was cancelled because UPS wont ship tires via air. Is there any way to get around this? i prefer USPS for orders anyway Brendan – Sales: There is no way to ship tires to Canada. [email protected]: Why not? [email protected]: Is there a reason you’re unable to ship via USPS? Brendan – Sales: The email clearly stated why Brendan – Sales: Because everything International goes UPS. [email protected]: Are you unable to provide shipping via a different courier? Other companies don’t seem to have a problem with this Brendan – Sales: You can have the tires shipped to a US address if you would like. [email protected]: that would be fine Brendan – Sales: The order is canceled, so you would just have to replace the order. You can change the shipping address while proceeding with the checkout. [email protected]: How can I make sure that I’ll receive the same price as in the original order? Brendan – Sales: You will not, the tires were a mistake, no one got that price. [email protected]: I checked with John before ordering, he confirmed that that was the right price. also, others have received that price (shipped too…) Brendan – Sales: No they have not, they were all canceled. Brendan – Sales: Is there anything else I may assist you with today? [email protected]: “John – Sales : Welcome to’s Sales Department. If your question is concerning a part, please include the YEAR / MAKE / MODEL of the machine it is for. John – Sales : How may I assist you today? me: Are you guys honoring the 45 dollar tire prices you have posted on your website today? xxx Tires are listing for 45.00 John – Sales : what size? me: 120/60ZR17 and 160/60ZR17’s John – Sales : Let me check on that for you. Do you mind holding? me: No, I can hold. me: Thank you John – Sales : yes we are! John – Sales : take advantage! me: Seems very low for this tire, are they older stock? John – Sales : im not sure they might be discontinuing this model me: Ok, thank you john. John – Sales : Is there anything else I may assist you with today? me: nope, that will be all. Have a good day.” [email protected]: According to the many users here, most have been shipped: [email protected]: Along with tracking information. Brendan – Sales: Is there anything else I may assist you with today? [email protected]: I would still like assistance with this, actually. Brendan – Sales: It is not going to happen. [email protected]: Do you have a manager you can pass me on to? I specifically called to confirm the price beforehand. Brendan – Sales: John was mistaken about the tires, he was informed later on in the day about it the issue. You will NOT get those tires at those prices. [email protected]: Can you explain why others have had theirs shipped at that price? Brendan – Sales: No I cannot. [email protected]: Can you let me know how to contact a manager? Brendan – Sales: There are none available. [email protected]: I can wait. [email protected]: If you can give me their contact information, it would help me get in touch with them. Brendan – Sales: That is not going to happen either. [email protected]: How long do you expect them to be busy for? Brendan – Sales: Probably going to be a while. [email protected]: As I said, I can wait. What is the best way for me to ensure that I am in contact with a manager? Brendan – Sales: There is not a manager available to speak to you about this. [email protected]: I understand. I can wait until one is available. Brendan – Sales: They are not going to be available. We are spinning our wheels here. You are not going to get a $200 tire for $50. [email protected]: Fine, I would still like to contact a manager. Brendan – Sales: Give me your number and I will have them call you. [email protected]: My number is: [MY PHONE NUMBER] [email protected]: Do you have a number I can reach you at? Brendan – Sales: No I don’t. [email protected]: Do you have an employee ID that I can use to get in touch with you? Brendan – Sales: No I don’t. [email protected]: How can I get in contact with you in the event that a manager does not contact me? Brendan – Sales: You cannot, you can contact our customer service. Brendan – Sales: Have a good evening. [email protected]: How can I do that? [email protected]: Can you please get me the phone number to use for customer service? The 888 number on your website is not international. Brendan – Sales: 619-623-3661 [email protected]: Thank you Chat session has ended. This could be due to technical difficulty. If you need further assistance please click the “Live Help” button.

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