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Published: 08 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

at the end of 2003 my girlfriend got in a accident and disabled the use of her car any further. we waited till we got our tax return and decied to use the money for a down on a new car. knowing we did not have the best of credit and know we were going to have to pay high intrest i started shopping around on the net. filled out a online app and what have you, what you want payments to be ect. got a few responses back one was from bill heard chevrolet in las vegas. now we live 1.5 hours away from there and we were assured that eveything was taken care all we had to do was sign and drive after i gave verbal approval to run my credit report upon arrival we VALET my friends car that we had borrowed to get there. you see valet is a big thing in vegas!! now we walked the lot and waited to be helped i then asked to speak to the gentleman that had talked to me on the phone which wokred internet sales this guy did not deserve to work on the car lot becuase he was great. he bent over backward to help us even came to the car lot leaving home from dinner with his family which i can attest to becuse his wife answred the phone and i could here the kids in the back ground. now enought of the good now this was when the price on a stripped down caviler was $9995 ok now with our down ($2500) and factory incentives 1500 there is a total of $4000 down. now we are told well those incentives do not apply to the basic model so we look at model one step up the asking price is 12500 still not bad as i know i have bad credit and they are going to stick it to me. well i did go in there being informed. after the sales manger found a way for the internet sales department to get cut out of the deal i am told i cant be helped that day and could i come back as it was getting late. so i agree and drove back home. go back the next day and dwayne the car salesman starts to help me where we left off now here comes scott the sales manager who was a pompas-a*s jerk. becuse i debated every issue with scott on every number they put in front of me they tried to put all those add-ons in i told them no. so now its a done deal at hour 7 time to sign the papers and get out of ther with the new car all i have to do is talk to the finace person. wow was this guy high on himself or what needless to say a grade a frist class jerk, from the time i signed “the deal” to the time we got to his office the payments went from 325 to 455 and that is not including everything he was going to try and tac on. frist was desert protection plan at 1500 bucks extedaed warranty for 750 ohh waht a bout eched windows to identify the car it was a must, plus the infomas doc fees tax&lic. so now this 4000 down just got munched away and total finaced would be like 22000 for a 12000 car. so i know i am being screwed but the girlfriend says she wants the car i said no she said she would make the payments so i told her it was all on her she agreed so i signed the papers. two weeks go by and we get a phone call. after being assured the deal was done by the lie-nace(finace)who had been a real jerk and treated us like s**t becuse we didnt have perfect credit unlike him, who made it a point to state that he owned 7 rental properties in the vegas area with a credit score of 890 which he stated sevral times we are told we have to go sign the final paperwork, we get there and they take the car from use and tell us we cant get finaced on the car. but they would get us in a used car of the same type myself knowing this would happned agreed now we have a nice victory red 2003 caviler. now one of the top dawgs decided to get involed becuse we lives so far away he wanted to make sure that this deal was going to go through so we waited and waited and waited, after another 6 hour day at the dealership this time with my two girls who were restless as hell everything was a go and back to the lie-nace manager we get the same one and he tried to tac-on all the same things to this USED Car the etched windows, i stated well the first byer already paided that he argued with me that tey did it there, i asked to see a bill or work order on it, he could not so he didn’t charge me. the desert protection plan i stated this car came from californa and is used show me the paper work on this he could not no charge. emmisions testing i stated that we dont need it in arizona he said that it was state law in nevada, i called nevada emmisions up and they stated if the car was going out of state not required so this time round i got a 8995 car for that price and the finace guy got fired Brian BULLHEAD CITY, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Bill Heard Auto Dealers

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