Bill Heard Chevrolet Of Union City

Bill Heard Chevrolet Of Union City

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Published: 20 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Bill Heard Chevrolet Of Union City, Ga On April 21,2007, my roomate and I got financed at Bill Heard Chevrolet in Union City. Everything seemed fine, until 2 days later while we were on our way to vacation. The car sales manag., Otis, called our phones and threatened and cursed us, and said we’d better not leave town or he would call the police on us. We attempted to get to the root of the problem, but we were told that we had to bring the car back ASAP with no explaination. We stated we were out of town and they could of cared less. They told us to turn around and hung up. We were scared and didn’t know any better, so we called several times and no one answered. We then continued our trip. We were gone for 3 days out of 9 and so far, all we got were threatening and harrasing calls with cursing from Otis and Dustin Sebahe in finance. We cut our trip short and returned to the dealers with not so much as an apology. They played nice and acted if they had a better option and gave us a 2nd contract to sign- it had the same date as the original contract. When we questioned this, we were told that it wouldn’t matter by Dustin. We became more disgusted and demanded a supervisor. Dustin left the office for a few minutes and returned with a short, well-groomed individual who introduced himself as Bill Heard III’- and said he would deal with Otis. We found out from our salesman that he was actually Dennis in finance. Another month went by with more mixed info phone calls and lies, and we attempted to report everything to Wendy Tavener in Customer Relations. She promised to help, to no avail. She later turned her back on us. They tried to bully me into signing another contract and I refused-so they would not compensate me unless I signed. We later discovered that we were never financed through Chase/Morgan as they said and requested our down payment and 1st payment back like they promised because it was “sitting in your files-just come and we’ll give it to you(Zack)”. The next day, I returned to the dealership to pick up our money, only to be told by Wendy and Brandon Gray that Zack could not speak with me. I demanded to speak with the GM, and they refused to put me through. I don’t even think that Zack existed. A salesman named Kevin attempted to explain to me what they could do, which was nothing short of nothing-if I didn’t re-sign the contract. I looked both men square in their eyes and asked-“Now you guys can’t honestly look me dead in my eyes and tell me that there is nothing wrong with this whole situation? Kevin excused himself and never returned. Brandon, our salesman, who knew of the whole situation and appeared to be the scapegoat, just sat there. I then asked the question again-“Brandon, you know this is not right what they are doing! Can you honestly say that this is legal? You know we put cash down don’t you?” He could not look me in my eyes and just sat quietly wringing his hands and wiping sweat off of his forehead. After what seemed like forever, without not so much as a verbal response from him, I stood up and proceeded to leave. Brandon just sat there with a look in his eyes that seemed to translate-“Oh, what have I gotten myself into?” Upon returning home, I checked the mail and found that contrary to what we were told, we were not financed by JP MORGAN/CHASE BANK, however, they sent us a “we regret, we can not offer you financing with our company, based on…” letter. After this, we really wanted out! I called the dealership and began to demand more answers. They refused to take may calls and continued to transfer from one line to the next. On the following Monday, I continued to call and again , no one available to talk. This pattern continued until Thursday evening. On Friday, June 15th, the Phone calls started again and they threatened to repo the car. At this point, I was frustrated and could not trust even the management so I reported them to corporate and the cycle began again. They threatened to report me to police for theft by conversion because I told on them. This went on until the next day(friday), and then again on Monday. Monday night, after 10;40pm, we recieved a call from “Barry of Special services towing co.” and “Frank Covington of security”, taunting us to look out of the window and call Gwinnett police because our car was gone. There were no sounds of a tow truck outside and our patio was open-there was no tow truck! We would have heard it, because we can hear traffic a few streets up. They lied. We no longer have a car, or our money, as they had promised! They also called both my job and my friend’s job. After being told that I did’nt work during the summer(teacher), they continued to call her job and speak of our business in a negative manner to the people in Customer Service, where she works. They were even told by a manager that they could not give out her info to anyone over the phone, but the dealerships became more persistant in called several more time to retrieve her personal info and continued to slander her to the managers. On Thursday-June 21, I went to the dealership after several attempts to settle over the phone and I was left in the dark again. No one wanted to help me. I was told I would be charged for the damages, towing, driving fees, and basically for them lying to me. Otis said he would look into it. No results. I’m being punished for speaking out to them as a consumer and feel they have been immoral to us as people. I was told that I would have to pay $35 for everyday that we had the vehicle and for everyday that they tried to retrive it. Otis came up with a figure of about $2000+ from the top of his head. When I debated with him, and stated that we did pay the first payment early and did everything to be expected of us as customers, and needed to be compensated, he blew me off. I made it clear that I refused to pay the money because the calls for the repo started on that previous Friday-so that was only 2 days until they retrived the car. This did not help, he just stated that he needed to review my files. I presented all of my paperwork, and the reciepts from our money orders. He attempted to walk away with them, and I stopped him. I demanded that he give me the origininals and he could only make copies. He went to the back office and came back grinning. After ignoring me for 10 minutes while helping to close a deal only 10ft away with a young couple and another salesman, he walked by me as if I was invisible. I went to the receptionist and requested that that he be reminded he had a customer still waiting on him(me) and he returned laughing,saying that he thought we were done. I asked what were the next steps to take and he said to wait on him to call me. I left again with no answers. The next day I called and Otis again refused to answer my questions and said to stop calling the dealership. After a heated bout of us both yelling back and forth, he said he didn’t have time for me and was done with the whole thing, and then-click-he hung up. I have tried to call corporate and contact them over the internet, but there is no contact info. teri and netta-victims of a scam! duluth, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Bill Heard Auto Dealers

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