Bill Heard Chevrolet Union City Ga

Bill Heard Chevrolet Union City Ga

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Published: 31 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I truly wished I had read this before I went into Bill Heard Union City but you live and learn. On October 20, 2007 I heard a commercial on 97.5 about trading in your car even if you owe $10,000 over the value. I wanted out of my car becaus with one vehicle we needed something that was more versatile. My husban and I went to the dealer and explained I wanted to do a trade. He then stated that I would get better return if I purchased a 2007. We looked around and I picked a 2007 Chavy Trailblazer. Our salesperson was Andrew Accerra a used car sales ,a somewhat new kid on the block and was not familier with the process of selling a new vehicle. We went to seed the GSM a name that I see has been complained on a lot Otis Poole. After explaining what I wanted to do he then called my financice co. Capital One Auto and got my pay-off. He then informed me that they could do a trade and when Capital One Called my to direct him to them because he was well known and familier with this compant.He then sent Andrew to get an appraisal on the vehicle. I then proceeded to the Finance off to see Dennis another familier name. He asked me why I was a payment behind and I informed him that I wanted a more versatile vehicle and knew I was trading the car in. He said OK credit was good and then presented me with a deal. Mind you I glanced over the contract because of the lateness of the evening and signed knowing assuming the trade was done Andrew took the keys to our 2005 Chevy Malibu( Both Sets) and was told we could come back and get the tags off the vehicle later. Well a week later I was called by Capital One and told them the vehicle had been traded and gave them Otis’ name as instructed. The next week the New Trailblazer was involved in an accident and had to be towed to the shop. That is a whole differnt issue but my paper work remained in the vehicle. The finance company continued to call and I called Andrew to see why the car had not been paid off. He stated that sometimes it takes the dealership a while to send payoffs but not to worry it would be sent. To make a long story short it was now time to purchase the tag I decidedc since the vehicle was not yet operable I would do it later . It is now around Thanksgiving and still no pay-off. I called Andrew again and received the same response. Around November 28, 2007 Capital one called and said they had issued a re-po. I explained that the vehicle was traded and it was at Bill Heard Chevrolet in Union City. I began to call the dealership more frequently because I had no transportation for a while and had to depend on others. I finally reached someone in the pay-off dep and was told that I did not do a trade -in. I tried to reach Otis over and over , then Andrew over finally I got Andrew to answer my calls. I told him the situation and he said he thought the car was traded also. The Malibu was repo’ed from Bill Heard in December. I sent a certified letter to Zachard Steincamp and Harry King called me with an offer of $500.00 . I said no. I the proceeded to contact my Pre-paid legal attorney who said because they kept my keys that was a fraudalant act that happens more than you would imagine. Sent them a demand later to pay balance after car was auctioned $8,461.00 and the salesperson lied. Told their attorney he never gave me any idea the car was traded. Again an offer of $500.00 and to sign a waiver releasing Bill Heard from any wrong doings. I can’t go out like that they kept my car and my keys and never once said to me that the car was not traded. I know I have been taken advantage of and this company could care less . I am now trying to figure out how to pay off this car. I don’t know what to do . I didn’t have the 25% required by Pre-paid legal for a retainer fee. But I can say that a lesson has been learned and someway this wrong as well as the other wrongs done to consumers must be justified. I guess Bill Heard is now saying NEXT!! Kathy Jonesboro, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Bill Heard Auto Dealers

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