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Published: 13 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On March 2nd, 2008 my mother and I arrived at Bill Heard car lot on Houston Levee to me a car that would be reliable to get me to Phoenix, AZ. We were approached by salesman Chadrick Loston. He showed us several cars, I test drove two. After settling on a white 06 Impala that had 49,000 miles, He ran my credit I was told that I would need a co-signer and then ran my mother’s credit. He told us that she could get the car in her name. We told him that I had a down payment of $1,000.00 for the car. He then went back and forward with his supervisor that we later found out was Mr. Keith Bonds. Mr. Bonds came out and introduced himself and explained to me that he could repair my credit for the $1,000.00 and in as little as 6 mos. I would be able to change the car over in my name with no problem. After talking it over with my mother we came to the agreement that it would be a good idea because it would benefit me in the long run after I move. I wrote out a check to Bill Heard and was told to write it out to Mr. Keith Bonds instead. Mr. Bonds then presented me with some paperwork for me to sigh giving him the ok to perform this task repairing my credit. We then (my mother and I) was escorted to speak with Mr. Thurman to finalize the paperwork. During speaking with Mr. Thurman we expressed to him that we wanted to have an extended warranty on the car in any case of needed repair work on the car. He informed us that it cause for the payments to increase from $285 to $313.52 a month and we agreed it was fine as long as it had a warranty. My mother signed all necessary paperwork. Upon leaving we asked Mr. Loston about getting an addition key and alarm key for the car and he told us that when the car was returned it was returned with just the one key and one alarm key and we would have to pay more if we desired. A couple of weeks later my mother receive a call from Mr. Loston informing her that the bank application that was submitted was not approved. And they had another bank application for her to sign. Mr. Loston brought the paperwork to her residence in West Memphis, AR., for her to sign. A few weeks pasted and I hadn’t heard from Mr. Bonds or received any mail as promised regarding my credit repair process. So I called the number he gave me and left messages and never got a returned call. I then started calling him at Bill Heard only to be transferred to his voice mail box, leaving messages to only get the same outcome no call back from him. I called Mr. Loston several times to express that I had been trying to reach Mr. Bonds and was told that he would relay the message. Which he never did call back. Once Mr. Bonds did call me back I expressed to him the uneasy feeling I was starting to get about the whole credit repair transaction and he ensured me that I should be getting some kind of notification wheatear it be email or a letter letting me know that the process was being done. Shortly I still had not heard from him and started calling his phone again only to find out that the number had be disconnected and no longer working. I then took it upon myself to called Mr. Loston only to find out that he no longer work for the company. So I asked to speak with Mr. Bonds’ supervisor and was transferred to Mr. Carl Mason’s voice mail box where I left a detailed massage. Mr. Mason later returned my call and I explained to him the situation to him telling him about giving Mr. Bonds the money to repair my credit. He ensured me that he would get the message to him and make sure that he called me back. I received a called from him the same day. I told him how I was feeling as if he just took my money and with the intentions of not doing as he promised. He informed me that while putting my SS# in the system he realized that the last number was put in incorrectly and that’s why I hadn’t received anything and it would be corrected. I also explained to him that I had been trying to reach him with the number he gave me and it no longer worked and he explained that the company had gotten them a new phone and he had a new number and gave it to me. A month or so later I still hadn’t heard anything so I started calling him again and go no response from the number he had gave me. And that’s when I called him at Bill Heard and found out that he no longer works there either. After calling the number and explain that I was at my wits end and was ready to move to another way of getting his attention he called me back. I told him that I just wanted my money back and he said that he had to call the guy he subcontracted my application to. And that he could get my money back but it would probably be $500 at a time. And he would call me in a few days with some information which never happened. As of today I have called him several times since and still no return calls. I also called to speak with Mr. Carl Mason only to find out that he no longer works there either. After thinking and refusing to let them get away i decided to call and speak to the person over that location and was transferred to Mr. Ron Murphy’s voice mail I let him a message and he called me back. I explained the problem and he told me to write him a statement of the situation and send copies of the check and paperwork that i signed and he would get back to me the following week. He informed me that Mr. Loston returned to his hometown and was working at another car lot. I took it upon myself to look up the car lot and called them and they said that they have no one by that name working for them. After not hearing from Mr. Murphy i called him and left messages and got no return call. I went to Bill Heard last month to get my free oil change and asked to speak to Mr. Murphy and was told that he was busy and couldn’t speak to me at that time. And have not spoke to him as of this day. What should i do now? I have reported this matter to the Attroney General’s Office and waiting to hear from them now. Gwen West Memphis, ArkansasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Bill Heard Auto Dealers

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