Bill Luke Chrysler Dodge And Jeep

Bill Luke Chrysler Dodge And Jeep

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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In April of 2016 I purchased a car from another dealer and this dealer was pulling many dealer tricks out of the trunk so I contacted the lender and voiced my concerns-the lender who approved the loan agreed that I had every right to be concerned and stated that if I could find a similar car within the same price make and model that I could purchase it elsewhere so long as it was within Regional Financial’s already approved terms… I started looking around as the other dealer had not “cashed the deal in” yet because I was stalling to see if they would in fact change the contract to reflect the actual mileage not the 10k less that they submitted on the contract. I found a car online same year make model and I called them-them being Bill Luke and I spoke with a man Richard who was so very nice and stated that I could in fact purchase a car from them and it would be a no hassle deal per the fact that I already had an approval from regional financial-he went on to tell me that if the lender gave one dealer the quote then by law they had to give another dealer the same option. When I went down to Bill Luke the car I had wanted was gone-even though I had called Richard hours before to verify it was still there. I was very dissapointed and exhausted with the whole dealership crap so they showed me what came to be my 2nd Chrysler Sebring. I wasn’t so crazy about it because I loved the white one I had and now they were trying to put me in a grey one. It did grow on me though because it had upgrades and I did find the helpful dealership a comfort from the experience I was having at Pinnacle Nissan. We spent some time going over why this was a better purchase and Pat Hackman; the “oh so convincing salesman” (I choose to believe that he had no part of the disgusting tactics of the dishonest financing department) went on and on about what a bad reputation Pinnacle Nissan had and went into great detail re the owner of Pinnacle and it’s sister dealerships. Although I was leaning toward Bill Luke I advised Pat that I would not make any hasty decisions because I already had a deal with Pinnacle after a month and a half and 3 contracts-but it was a done deal-how do I know?- Because I contacted the lender directly who had my information and that of my co signer and they did voice that they were the agreeable lender and did encourage me to go with my instinct re the odometer issue i was having with Pinnacle. So I told Pat that I would not return my car to pinnacle until they were able to give me 100% that they could get me in this car with the same lender. Richard my first contact told me that the owner of Bill Luke personally had a stake in Regional Acceptance Corporation as an investment so of course they could make it happen. I went home head spinning anxiety ridden-Why is purchasing my first car (at 32) such a stressful experience….? all I wanted to do was build my credit and if that meant paying out the wazooo in interest rates well then I was on board-I was ready to take my lumps so to speak in order to build credit which I have never had. I was committed but I also felt firm in my positon that just because I had no credit that it didn’t mean I was fair game for sleezy dealers trying to put me in junk cars-NO!!! I felt like I deserved to have something I actually loved. And I never wavered in my position. and on my way home I decided to give it another day or two. I got a call from Richard who contacted my cosigner to sign a release- (we told them not to run the full credit pull on her as pinnacle had done enough damage with inquiries on her credit-and Richard said he would not have to do a full cbr pull due to the fact we had a deal with Regional) The next day Pat Hackman and I speak and he tells me to go turn in my car that It’s a done deal-he encouraged me to bring my pay stubs and a utility bill and I could drive home in the bettter sebring today..just grab the cosigner and an extra $500 because this car had better options than the car I had so the downpayment would be $1500 rather than $1000. I was so excited but weary so I asked are you sure?…are you sure pat? because if I take this car back to pinnacle nissan and get my downpayment I will be out of a car.. he thought I was so paranoid and had such a laid back reassuring demeanor…so once again he advised that the deal is 100% good to go, so off I went to Pinnacle Nissan to return the car I purchased and get my down payment back so that I could give the money to bill luke for my upgraded chrysler sebring. We went in to sign the deal on may 9 2016 however my check from pinnacle would not be cashable until the 11th so they said no problem just bring it in on the 11th and then to help you out with the increased down payment we can date the remaining $500 out for 2-3 weeks. WOW i thought why did I put up with Pinancle Nissans Crap this long? Bill Luke seemed like they knew how to treat a person who was committing to pay a disgusting amount of money in interest for one of their “certified Power trained warranty chryslers” (yeah right -not what the contract said) I was a happy customer. I came in on the 11th just like I said I would and gave them $950 and the checks for the remaining down payment. 3 weeks later my cosigner calls and says-Bill Luke called and we have to go down to sign a new contract-they said they got you a better interest rate. Well, I was so aggravated because I was sick and tired of going into one dealership or another so I said to her-I don’t want to go. I’m fine with my payment and I’m not going. She was agreeable-until they called again and said that the deal that Regional Acceptance corporation wanted the interest rate at the same percentage as the deal I previously had which was lower than the 2% higher one that Bill Luke thought they snuck by me. (they didn’t i just didn’t care at that point) sooooooooooo off we went again for a long drive and this time I had my 3 year old niece with us who fell asleep and that’s the way we wanted to keep her-so my cosigner said-you run in and sign then come out and I’ll run in and sign-so I agreed, but the baby woke up anyways so the 3 of us went in to see Barry the finance guy and I was not amused to say the least-so I bluntly asked-“NOW BARRY-EVERYTHING IS THE SAME EXCEPT THE INTEREST RATE…RIGHT?” he replied oh yes, yes yes….we just got you a better rate so your new payment is about $15 less every month. and he placed only the portion of a contract that required our signatures in front of 2 women who were trying to keep a 3 year old under control and said sign here and your done. I was shocked that the old contract had so many other docs to sign as well….this time all he needed was one signature from each of us? I made a comment about how happy I was that we could get out of there so quickly (clearly they were taking advantage of the first time car buyer who has not yet learned that a car salesman is not the first person to be honest in the room) I now see looking back how gross, evil and dishonest their intentions were. So now I’m going about my business it’s 9 days shy of 60 days that I’m in my new car and my cosigner calls to say that the dealership needs my insurance information and I said I’d call them or just have my insurance company fax the info over….I did not want anyone disturbing my happiness with my new car. I then felt guilty so I called Barry who told me that the lender was not happy that I had a florida license- I said “what are you talking about?” that has nothing to do with my contract and it states nothing of the sort and I went on to remind him that they were fully aware of my license and furthermore that my employer and my job were between tempe az and tampa florida so I said to him that I didn’t want to hear this garbage i was tired and that I would put into writing the fact that my employer and my position could have me between both places and frankly i liked my florida license better and that az wanted some ridiculous fine paid from 6 years ago ($1000) to release a license to me which they were more than willing to make payment arangements on. Barry could sense that I was not trying to listen to his crap as they had assured me time and time and time again that this was a done deal and let me remind you that on day one when they made a copy of my license that we had a lengthly conversation about florida triggered by my license. I reminded him of all of the facts surrounding this deal and made it clear to take this call and shove it per it had no point. I then said how ridiculous it was especially because the co borrower has an az license so prompted my my escalating demeanor he said to me ” don’t worry, I’ll see what I can do and get back to you” I asked do you need the letter from my employer? he said no. I then have my boyfriend tell me that someone from bill luke called and they sounded ticked off. I then called the co borrower to see if she had an inside clue as to what the heck they were bothering us for now…she said that they tried to tell her the car needed to come back because of my license being out of state and she told me that she wasn’t calling me until he could provide her with the portion of the contract that states that you can’t have a non az license to buy a car…they told her they would and she said she never heard from them again…so wanting to avoid conflict I call Larry Lee after a 12 hour work day to hear him demand I bring the car back….”Oh hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Is this really happening? I said what the $#@% are you talking about? it’s been 2 months…he said that the car not only needed to come back but it needed to come back right at this moment (this is a friday night almost 9pm) I said I don’t think so Larry let me get my contracts out and find where I have to return it due to a license issued out of arizona-he said it didn’t matter what the contract said that they are ordering it be returned and if not that they could file criminal charges on me because I have no right to the car…!!!!!!! This is a nightmare-I have work in the morning (yes on a sat morning) and no other means of transportation, my job could be on the line without being able to get there-how are my kids going to get picked up from school-camp-activities-how will i get to the grocery store? all of these things running through my mind and I started sobbing and Larry said he would call me right back. He calls me back some 1 and 1/2 minutes later and says “meko, I called Neville and I told him you were crying and he doesn’t care, so crying isn’t going to change anything” at this point I really was beginning to feel a rage rumble within so I decided to pull my balls from out of my purse and began to tell him about himself and the fact that they were trying to pull this on me and how disgusting it was how ashamed of himself he should be. I stated that I would have an attorney look at my docs and contact them back because the could not order a car back right at that very moment without me being able to make provisions. He then told me that the car would be “reposessed”. I was beyond heartbroken as I had just paid insurance again and I had been working 6 days a week in order to fulfill my commitment to making my payments on time. I did not turn the car in until I could talk to an attorney on monday morning-i tried over the weekend but could not talk to one. Monday morning I got a call from the co borrower that right after my conversation with Larry Lee that he sent a tow truck to come get the car using scary workds like repo and credit – what the heck was this baboon talking about? there were no defaulted payments. Well, I contacted several lawyers and had no response so I figured I better call this Neville character re his slimeball ways….so I call Bill Luke and this slimey character Neville with his cocky demeanor and undertones of laughter continues to tell me that the car is coming back to them and there is nothing I can do about it….so I begin to tell him about himself and inquire as to whether or not he has a soul. because a heart he surely didn’t have. He told me that I give the car back or meet the stipulations….I said what stipulations? he said an az license-i said no problem neville!!!!!!!!!!!! It requires a trip to see the judge to make an arrangement and that they would release my az license…so I asked how much time NEVILLE……., are you giving me to meet the stip? he replied “NONE” he went on to lie to himself about how hard it has been to get a hold of me. I had to laugh at that due to the fact that weekly i get emails from Bill Luke about how great they are and what deals they have. I told him that He was a gross pig and that I was contacting a lawyer and at that moment my other line rang and AT LAST!!!! It was Mr. Fredrick Jones who may have thought I was nutty because I was literally having an anxiety attack when I got on the line with him I couldn’t catch my breath and had to reach down deep to pull it together- I gave him the rundown and he asked me to fax the contracts to him. I called later and unfortunately Mr. Jones had court to attend so I was terrified that my car would be swooped up by these slimeballs at bill luke before I could get Mr. Jones to tell me if I had a case or not. I told him that I had never really looked at the contracts as when I was signing them they had a way of distracting you with a verbal explanation about what it is your signing and as a first time car buyer you tend to be so happy you may not focus if your like me at all. When I did skim over the contacts I then realized what freaking liars these guys were….there is not enough bad words in the dictionary to tell you what i felt after studying this garbage….there was no regional acceptance on the original contract-it was chase- and then the many other docs i signed were not what i thought at all they were all created to screw over the buyer-this was not at all what they explained to me upon signing-they gave an explanation of everything and every where I signed and none of it was even similar to what I had actually signed…so I get smart and start looking for the newer contract they had me sign on may 29th (3 weeks after the first one) and it gets even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone should lock these people up. what a consumer crime they committed…..never mind the moral disgrace and shame their parents would feel if they knew that their babies grew up to exemplify behaviors similar to those of people who fill our prisons today-only difference is that these guys wear suits and hide behind questionable contracts who rob hardworking young families like mine out of things so minimal like transportation necessary to provide for their families.) So back to “it gets even worse”- okay so they not only omitted a lender on the second contract signed on May 29th but they BACKDATE the CONTRACT TO MAY 9TH 2009!!!!!!!!!!! They think they’ve pulled a fast one…so I’m feeling like “this can’t possibly be legal” so I decide to play it their way so I must take a leave from work in order to not put my employment at risk and somehow someway figure out how to uphold my work obligations ( I TOOK A POSTITION AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION GEOGRAPHICALLY IN ORDER TO MOVE UP AND ADD THE LOSS MITIGATION EXPERIENCE TO MY RESUME)…can’t think of any options as I live in az without any family… so okay im screwed I have to officially sign leave papers so that I don’t burn any bridges by getting fired due to tardy’s or now shows…so great now I’m not generating income….”THANKS BILL LUKE” “50 years of business in the valley” should be “50 years in the slammer for white collar crimes” . Okay no income potentially no car and life sucks….could it get any worse? I decide to be smart and pay attention to Bill Lukes threats of filing criminal charges against me for not obeying their 25th hour demand to give back my car under some fake rule they made up. I decide to act like an adult and not a caveman and call Neville- I decide that I will on my own return the car to save myself the potential humiliation of having the car towed from the driveway with my very busy street of neighbors who like to mingle and hang out in their yards. so I call this “Neville” In my opinion he should be addressed as a heartless hog (if you put a tux on a pig what is it? it’s still a pig) and I say listen here Neville- I have decided that I will return the car and sue you instead of play cops and robbers with you….so When I am done with work tomorrow I will return the car and then I will sue you guys for your questionable business tactics. He laughs and says that’s fine..i demand that he have my downpayment check for $1500 ready and he avoids my demand…so I now know to hold them accountable for the words they use regardless of how slimey they are…so he evades and i ask again…”NEVILLE-IF I BRING THE CAR IN WILL YOU HAVE MY CHECK READY?’ He replies sure-I’ll have to inspect the car…and I reply- “get a life neville” so as far as im concerned I don’t have to worry about the tow trucks lurking around my house. so I feel a sense of relief…for a moment and then it dawns on me that my car is going to be gone which effects work which effects my stress level and my oh so active issues with anxiety. oh well at least im the bigger person. June 30th!!!! PAYDAY!!! an o so ever needed payday-my kids were to be on a plane to visit my mother for a few weeks and man do I need the break and it helps relieve the stess of no trasportation…so I go cash my checks – I get paid $ 1703.00 okay well I just paid utilities this morning totaling $695 and decide to deposit that plus and extra $300 into my husbands account for incidentals-now the rest is for me to put to make my car payment (oh never mind the slimeballs are taking it away)- and pop warner sign ups are on the 11th of July and the boys are excited to do that so that’s jst shy of $250 (my portion) and then the rest is airfare….plan in motion….I stop at the house to change and eat the sandwich I just got through drive through so I can grab the kids go to western union for the jetblue tickets my mom reserved (her card was maxed out..times are rough) and then down to bill luke. I lock up the car…run in stuff my face change my jeans into shorts and open the front door to find my car is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT DIRTY FILTHY LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE GAVE ME HIS WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOSE IT!!! My kids have no way to get home and I am livid (i don’t even realize that my bank envelope with my license and $700 is in the freaking car!!!!!!!!!) I didnt realize that until about an hour and a half later when I went to show my husband my paycheck stubs to prove my income (just a little game we play) so I go to get them and realize i left them with my money in the side drivers panel of the door because I was just running in the house ( i couldnt have been inside 10 mins) I call the crooks and lose my head!!! where is the car? who towed it? Whats the name of the company? it had personal items….screw It I’ll tell the crook- IT HAD MY ACCOUNT INFO-PAY STUBS LICENSE AND $ 700 IN IT—-BARRY SAYS TO ME- ” i don’t know where the car is and it probably won’t be here until tomorrow sometime- so im sobbing, screaming, drooling and thinking about what I would like to do to these guys only if life didn’t have such things like consequences…I tell him …. MY MONEY BETTER BE THERE BARRY and I get a giggle and a “yeah right like who leaves cash in their car?” I DID YOU PREDATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did I did I did not only did I but I need that money like nobody’s business…now if I heard that story I probably wouldn’t believe it but God knows I did in fact do such an idiotic thing…!!!! I suffer in this life time and time again by giving people the benefit of the doubt which is not customary of a native new yorker but it’s how I was raised…so I trusted this slimey snake NEVILLE what a liar liar liar liar liar liar….. so I get a ride down to bill luke where I was told by Barry that the car which was not due to be delivered to them until tomorrow has mysteriously made it’s way to the dealership where he plays it safe and pretends that he can only “look into the car windows” where he goes on to tell me that he can see the paycheck stubs (through the window of course) but doesn’t see my bank sleeve- (I begging God to please wake me up from this nightmare) I came with both primary and spare key in tow. I unlock the door which Barry claims he has no knowledge of anyone being in the car or not… (oh spare me) and here I am the victim of their disgusting ways and rather than acknowledging the fact that only my stubs are left and that they took my car from me- based on a load of crap rather than being in the least bit regretful they barricade the car into the spot it’s parked in to imply that I may just jump in it and drive away…(are you kidding me? that was the furthest thing from my mind) my mind was terrified and mortified that my money was STOLEN STOLEN STOLEN STOLEN undeniably, unquestionable, undoubtedly and 100% guaranteed STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are busy barricading my car into the spot to imply i would take it…. I GUESS THAT’S THE WAY THIEVES THINK. I filed my police report (incident number…another joke) and cried all the way home. The next day the infamous NEVILLe tells me I’m not getting my down payment back-these Mother F’rs have the gall to tell me they are charging me for mileage and i won’t see a dime… at this point my knees are buckling and I feel like i may need a medic to sedate me…I demand and explanation even though I have checked out of my head at this point because I feel bad for all of us involved-me because of what I have been put through my kids for being robbed of money that is for their provision and then all of the dirty lying pigs at bill luke because they have no idea what kind of headaches they are about to embark on- I am a justice seeker who is RELENTLESS- I worked in advertising for many years and have actually been an advocate on some small level for consumer rights and just very recently had a position within the political arena where i spend many hours at county facilities processing signatures of registered voters while WEEDING OUT FRAUD and MARICOPA COUNTY RESIDENTS WHO COMMITTED VOTER FRAUD UNDER RALPH NADERS ARIZONA VENDOR…so although I hate to have to embark on such a nasty endeavor- I think that Bill Luke will be very surprised about what lenghts this New Yorker will go to in order to satisfy her idea of justice in this disgusting case of disgrace displayed by these men who lied to me time and time again… don’t believe me? I have scanned my contracts for all to see. Simply email me or repond and I’m happy to show you what skunks Bill Luke has working in their finance department. Mother of young hardworking family Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.

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