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Published: 06 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This Honda ‘FRANCHISE’, Bill Page Honda, is totally CORRUPT. They do SLOPPY repair work and ‘boast’ that they due ‘the best’. Althoug I can not ‘prove-it’, I know precisely what I say here is profoundly true and correct. On or about 22FEB’08, I went there for a ‘horn’ failure repair with my Honda. They damaged the ‘center-steering wheel air bag’ part, and/or swapped it ‘off’ with a ‘used’ damaged one, ‘crooked’/’lopsided’. During the ‘same’ visit, they obviously swapped my ‘less-than-one-year-old’ battery out of the/my warranted vehicle, and then ‘replaced’ it at a later visit with a ‘knew’? one that did not last one year (afterwards), and when I tried to get it replaced later at a different cite (FX-Honda) they tried to ‘charge’ me for it ($165) because they said it was ‘replaced-to-often’ under warranty (Honda Civic Hybrid-‘front’ battery) and I had to ‘go thru’ an ‘elaborate’ ordeal with my credit card company to get the charges ‘finally’ reversed. I, of course, ‘confronted’ the manager at Bill Page Honda, detailing the ‘evident’ situation, he says ‘prove it’ and refused to reasonably ‘make-right’ the situation. (at the time i had his name-have forgoten it now, but will NEVER forget the ‘details’ of this horrific event. Also, I would like to mention the FACT that establishment(s) such as these ARE highering illegal immigrants to work at these/different Honda franchise cites. Again, I can not ‘prove’ this fact, here, but I KNOW from personal experience/info given by the workers themselves, this fact exists, and they refuse to ‘stop’ this illegal activity. All they have to ‘do’ is request their INS registered papers, ‘instead’ of just checking thier ‘green card’, match them up with the INS database, like they are supposed to do, and the employer can ‘easily’ find out if the individual is ‘truely’ a legal ‘presence’ here in this country. This in ‘itself’ is criminal. I know for a FACT there is a HUGE ‘forging’ operation going on with the/these immigration ‘papers’, and the ‘general’ employer’s out here/there are ‘pretending’ they do not ‘realize’/know this, when they DO know this. If they are ‘performing’ this criminal act, at the ‘demise’ of the citizen(s) of this country, ‘what else’ are they capable of?? Like, what they did here, to me? There is ‘other’ details to the ‘entire’ terrible experience I am the victim of at Bill Page Honda, but I simply do not have my entire life to explain everything. Just simply ‘take heed’ to my warning, and ‘stay away’ from this blatently ‘in-your-face’ criminal entity/business, BILL PAGE HONDA of Annandale/Merrifield, (specifically, the Auto Repair in Annandale) (More to come on the equivalent criminal treatment at Brown’s Honda in Arlington, Va. at Lee Hgwy and N. Quincy street when I have time to return and do so, yet, in the ‘mean-time’, stay away from this one as well, the ‘same’ equation existes there as well, INCLUDING the illegal immigration issue at that cite (Beware: Brown’s Honda as well) I do hope these posting(s) remain ‘forever’ on this cite, for I do not have my ‘whole life’ to ‘refresh’ them when/if needed to help honestly worn fellow cosumers. Time is what they/these businesses most ‘flagrantly’ steal from you, you know. This is just as important nowdays as ‘money’. (some ‘feel this is one and the same – time – money or that your time is even more precious than money, even)

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