Bill Whaley Of R & R Radiator

Bill Whaley Of R & R Radiator

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Published: 06 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was given Bill’s name as a potential great guy to fix my vehicle. I spoke with him and he said no problem he could do it. I went and bought a motor for 1000.00 dollars brought it to him and he was to replace it in my Durango. I waited a week then two weeks with him telling me he almost had it. Then he went to my ex-inlaws and told them he needed some money to get started on it and they gave him 150.00 up front. He then turned around a week later and said he needed to have the money up front and so I paid him 600.00 (+-). I got a receipt for the money and never saw my vehicle again nor any of my money. Come to find out he closed shop and skipped town. However, he is currently working at another location and people around town tell me that he claims I never paid him anything. I HAVE A RECEIPT. Needless to say I spent over a 1600.00 to try and get my vehicle fixed and what turned out to be 2 weeks in the shop turned out that I would never see it again. Yes, it got repoed and that was because I called them and told them that I could not afford to keep paying on a vehicle I was unable to drive. The insurance I had did not cover that so I was SOL and I despise him for it. I know you might not be able to do anything but I saw your sight and thought I would vent. Thank you! This happened a year ago this past July ’03. I also tried to file a Civil suit but nothing. Maricela Mineral Wells, TexasU.S.A.

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