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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The issues began when we first arrived at their store on 6985 W. Sahara Ave. They open at 10:00am and the girl, Shaney, didn’t arrive to open the store until 10:30am, so we were waiting around for a half hour. Her excuse was “there usually aren’t customers this early”. Not to mention she was dressed less than professional. When she arrived she was wearing a skin tight one piece very short dress and no makeup. I had to look up at the sign to double check that I was at the right place. We looked around the store and all the pool tables Shaney was showing us were made in China. We told her we wanted a USA made solid hard wood pool table. She proceeded to show us the Legacy pool table which had its own little showroom area. It was what we were looking for, so we thought! There were 3 leg choices to choose from for the pool table. My wife and I chose the claw and ball legs. Shaney wrote us up and we were on our way. That night while we were at home I was looking at the pool table manufacture’s website to show some friends the pool table we bought. I typed in the name of the pool table that was on the receipt and a different pool table came up then what we picked out. The pool table that came up had peg legs and was called a Legacy Ryan. We looked around the website to find the one we ordered and it was called the Legacy Rylee. I called the store the next morning and told Shaney that she wrote down the wrong pool table on the invoice and I asked her if she would change it. Right away she got all defensive and told me that we got it wrong. She claimed we told her that we wanted the peg legs, which clearly wasn’t the case, we even pointed to the claw and ball legs. Anyway she said she could reorder the pool table that we wanted. The next day Shaney calls me back and tells me that pool table is on back order and will be 3 to 6 weeks out before they receive it in their warehouse and another week before they receive it for me to pick it up. I then asked Shaney since the pool table is on such a long back order, can I change the color to black, she said, “Sure no problem”. Needless to say I got a call from Shaney a couple of days later telling me I can’t the pool table in black. I canceled the order and told Shaney I will call her back with a different pool table choice. I called Legacy Pool Tables and asked them since the pool tables were in production if they could stain on black for a little extra money. Legacy Pool Tables informed me that they can’t do custom work because the pool tables are made in China. I was really upset to say the least because Shaney led us to believe the pool table was made in the USA. Legacy also leads you to believe their pool tables are made in the USA. Watch legacy’s videos on their website and they make it sound like their tables are USA made. Legacy Pool Tables doesn’t come right out and say where they are made, that just lead you to believe their pool tables are USA made. It’s a bait and switch scheme on Billiards ‘N More and Legacy’s part! Billiards ‘N More made a deal with me, if I pay cash they won’t charge me tax so I sucked up the whole USA China thing because the pool was solid hard wood and the one we saw in the showroom was good quality. I picked a more expensive pool table that was black and that was more our style. Shaney ordered it and told me they had that one in stock at their warehouse and that we could pick it up in a couple of days. Shaney said she would call us when it was ready for pickup. A week later I hadn’t heard from Shaney, so I called them ad asked what the holdup was. Shaney said they were waiting for it to arrive to their store from the warehouse. Shaney said she would call the warehouse and see when it would be at their store. Shaney called me the next day which was a Friday, and said it would be there Monday. That was going to be perfect because I was going to Vegas on Monday to drop my stepfather at the airport. I called Billiards ‘N More and told them I was on my way to pick up the pool table and they said it wasn’t there. They said it would be there Thursday. I was told this pool table was in stock but it took 2 weeks to get to their store? It is a 3 hour round trip from where I live in Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas, NV. I was really upset that I had to drive back to Vegas. I didn’t hear anything from Billiards ‘N More so I called them Thursday morning and they said it was in. To Vegas we went to get the pool table. We got the pool table home, unpacked it and to come to find out Billiards ‘N More gave me bad slates. One slate had a crack that went all the way through from the side pocket to the center of the slate. The other 2 slates had large chunks taken out of them where the slates come together. One of the end slates was hit with a forklift and the wood glued to the slate was cracked and separated. We also discovered the felt was missing. I called Billiards ‘N More immediately and was transferred to the manager, Suzie. Suzie tried to tell me that’s how all the slates are that they get from Legacy Pool Tables. I asked her to get me replacement slates and she said no. I called Legacy Pool Tables and told them what condition the slates were in. I sent pictures to Legacy and Billiards ‘N More. Legacy told me that the slates shouldn’t be in that bad of condition and that they would contact Billiards ‘N More about the issue. Suzie called me and ripped me a new one for contacting the manufacture. Suzie continued to insist that the slates she gave me would work fine. I asked her about the felt and she said she would send it to me the next day. I didn’t hear anything about the slates and I didn’t receive the felt, so I tried to call Suzie and she blew me off and said she was with a customer. If I’m not mistaken I’m a paid customer! She called back and left a message on my phone stating the junk slates are fine to use and this is why they don’t like customers to install their own pool tables. WOW! REALLY! I can only imagine how many of their customers have bad slates. Legacy Pool Tables sent me new slates which were perfect. Another thing I found out was that the lifetime warranty on the pool table was void because one of their certified installers wasn’t putting it together. There aren’t any certified installers in or around Kingman, AZ so I have no choice to do it myself, so I lose the warranty. Suzy told me that the warranty would be good if I installed it myself. The manufacture says the warranty is void. More lies from Suzie. I received the felt 2 weeks after Suzie said she would send it to me the next day. I had to call again and ask if she sent the felt. Suzie told me she forgot. I received the felt and it was too small for my table and it was cut into pieces. There was only 3 inches to work with on each side of the table. There was no way the felt would fit the side pockets no matter how hard I pulled. I called Suzie and she said the felt should be in one piece but if I was going to get one that fits I would have to pay for it. Suzie then changed her mind and said the felt she sent me would fit. I again told her it doesn’t fit, she began to yell at me and hang up on me. I called back and I asked to talk with the owner and she said no but she would let me speak to her boss, I told her I wanted to speak to the owner again and she hung up on me again. I called back again and all she wanted to do is yell at me and hang up on me again. I am appalled at the way Billiards ‘N More allows their manager to treat their customers. Especially everything I’ve been through. I call back again and told Suzie I am going to return the pool table and I want my money back. Suzie yelled at me saying JUST DO IT AND I WILL CHARGE YOU A 30% RESTOCKING FEE! And she hung up on me again. $840 restocking fee! That can’t be legal. I guess if I don’t get the right felt I will have to take them to court to get my money back.

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