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Published: 25 September 2017

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Timeline of progression with Mr. William Benson of “Billionaires Row” Summary: I was defrauded by William Benson of Billionaires Row Some dates and corporate names were “XXX’d-out” or blocked for the purposes of identity. Keep in mind, this report is solely from my perspective – and Mr. Benson has been given numerous opportunities to remedy the issues contained in this report. If you wish to obtain more information about this series of events, feel free to make contact with the author of this report.Benson signed the partnership agreement formally bringing him into the company, XXXXXX (a registered LLC). 35% equity was allocated to Mr. Benson in exchange for specific expertise to be provided by Mr. Benson, including business consulting, investment advice, and a bevy of other services and expertise that he self-reportedly had. XXXXXXX, 2013: Mr. Benson ‘hired’ someone of unknown status or company to do work on my company’s website. Various problems arose and the website produced was sub-standard. This problem was resolved by accepting a sub-par website due to the need to get the site back online. This author was able to custom-code some of the site so it met the needs of the company. XXXXXXX, 2013: Mr. Benson reportedly had a patent filed with an attorney he knew in a law firm. XXXXXXX, 2013: Mr. Benson was shipped a [PRODUCT] which included proprietary components. Mr. Benson stated that he would take [PRODUCT] to different events and showcase it in New York City. Mr. Benson was instructed to take or send the display to two separate clients, which Mr. Benson did not do. The MSRP of the display is in excess of $3,500. The display was encased and shipped in a [SPECIALIZED SHIPPING CONTAINER] valued at $1200. XXXXXXXXXX 2014: Mr. Benson was issued a business credit card for business expenses. Issuer was American Express Business Platinum. Mr. Benson was informed that there would be a $300 fee for the card and this author was not comfortable paying that amount. Mr. Benson (on a recorded conversation with American Express) stated that he himself would pay the fee. XXXXXXXXXX 2014: A $1,000 credit was made to the card so Mr. Benson could use the card to make proper business purchases. XXXXXXXXXX 2014: A $3,000 credit was made to the card so Mr. Benson could further use the card for business purposes. XXXXXXXXXX 2014: This author put a ‘hold’ on Mr. Benson’s card due to observation that Mr. Benson was using the card for purchases not related to the operation of the business. A verbal reprimand was administered via telephone to Mr. Benson. Mr. Benson then ensured this author that all purchases unrelated to the operation of the business would be paid for by Mr. Benson. Mr. Benson then stated understanding of the use of the card and need to supply receipts or information pertaining to card usage. XXXXXXXXXX 2014: This author put a ‘hold’ on Mr. Benson’s card again due to the misuse of the card, as Mr. Benson continued to use the card for personal expenses unrelated to the operation of the business. The total amount of misuse is $5468.66 American Express statements are available detailing his purchases. XXXXXXXXXX 2014: Mr. Benson was questioned numerous times regarding the status of patent and the need for this author to have the confirmed documentation of the patent filing. Mr. Benson evaded the questions and never produced evidence of patent, which should have been filed in late 2013. This severely impacts the timeliness of the patent and the probability that another company or entity could come to market with a similar invention, thus rendering our patent invalid if we were to submit the invention to USPTO at a date later than Mr. Benson promised. March 31, 2014: After a dispute concerning the facts surrounding the filing of the patent (to which this author did not believe the patent was filed, due to the numerous messages from Mr. Benson asking for the same information as originally given months prior), Mr. Benson indicated that he would only pay $1500 of the credit card balance. Mr. Benson stated that he had legal representation provided by an “in-house” attorney named “David Blowitz, Esq.” Mr. Benson requested that any e-mails be sent to his attorney at the e-mail address of “(email address removed by admin)” Due to the inconsistencies with Mr. Benson’s various stories on several topics, not producing any solid results or cash flow, and mismanaging his business credit card, he was sent a termination notice on the night of March 31, 2014. In the notice, Mr. Benson was asked to pay, the amount of $4200 for his misused credit card purchases. This amount was believed to be the accurate amount at the time, but since then, further investigation indicated that the amount should be $5468.66. American Express statements are available for substantiation of these claims. XXXXXXXXXX 2014: This author conducted research pertaining to Mr. Benson and the legalities of his business Billionaires Row, supposed attorney (David Blowitz, ESQ), and other pertinent issues involving him and the persona he portrays. The findings are as follows: Mr. Benson’s entity, “Billionaires Row Luxury Spirits” is registered in Delaware, but was NOT in good standing at the time of investigation, with an outstanding tax payment of $500. I am not willing to pay another Delaware search fee to see if it’s been resolved. Mr. Benson signed the legal partnership agreement with my company as “William Benson of Billionaires Row Technologies”. He stated that the company was registered in Delaware. “Billionaires Row Technologies” does not exist in Delaware. Mr. Benson’s supposed attorney, “David Blowitz, Esq.”, is NOT licensed to practice in CT, MA, FL, NY, NC, or any other state that was searched. For the hell of it, I searched the internet and found the “Google +” account of this guy. I reverse-searched the image – and it was a STOCK IMAGE OF A MODEL! Wow…. Needless to say, WILLIAM BENSON = DAVID BLOWITZ… impersonating an attorney? This guy knows no bounds. Mr. Benson has seemingly been selling “Billionaires Row” champagne illegally, as there are no records of the brand being registered with the BATFE/TTP. Likewise, Mr. Benson does not retain a liquor license in NY or FL, where he purportedly has sold the alcohol. He has demonstrated on social media that he has made sales all over the world, exported to South Africa, and others…. hmm…. Mr. Benson’s “Billionaires Row” alcohol is not registered as having an approved label, or, “COLA” per TTP guidance. This author checked their database, and the label/registration does not exist. Reverse-image-search of the “Billionaires Row” website and various social media pages shows blatant copyright infringement by using various photos that do not belong to “Billionaires Row” or Mr. Benson. Some were taken from “Shutter Stock” and the explicit directions on the “Shutter Stock” website states that they are not to be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances. At this point, this author is unsure if Mr. Benson has defrauded or criminalized other entities or victims. This author simply requests that Mr. Benson return all business property, present a certified check for $5468.66 (for the repayment of misused funds), and remove all association of my company from his social media sites and those of any businesses in which he is involved. This story continues…. He is evasive, won’t answer messages, and plenty of other shady things going on. If this doesn’t bring some type of resolution to my case, I’m going to court.

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