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Published: 22 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We waited in a long line after a hour of shopping. My husband is on crutches with CP and I have SLE. It was a lot of work and standing all that time adds to it. Then the man ahead of us blows up over the price of his meat. The line stops. They can’t resolve the issue. Another 10 minutes pass as two people negotiate with him holding up the line. Our groceries are on the belt and several carts are behind us. Finally Jasmine announces she is the manager. She takes the irate man to customer service but leaves the register locked up. I ask for a manager, but am told she is the manager. I ask again for the store manager as we are told to go to the back of another line behind several full carts. We leave our cart and leave, telling Jasmine that a new line should have been opened, so we would not have to wait on another line. She threw her hands up…made some comment about not having the time….as we left w/o our groceries. This was poor customer service. I went to the CVS next door to be sick and asked for assistance to get the 1-888 number for bilo to complain. They assisted me, and it was not their problem. This is good customer service. Why does anyone put up with you all..especially the disabled…my husband is visibly disabled. This was the Emmanuel Church Store in West Columbia, SC. The girl running our previous register and her helper just stood around…they could have been put on one of the 5 closed registers. .

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