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Published: 08 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On 8/24/11 I Had My 2002 Bmw 745li towed to Bimmer Engineering at 343 West Ave K Lancaster Ca,93534. I spoke To Dharminder Dhillon who is the owner & explained to him that my car cut off & would not start back up in front of my Mothers home. He said he would run a diganostic report to see what the problem was. He called me the next day & said the problem was that my new battery needed to be programmed to my car & that the battery cable was loose in the trunk. I payed him $45 for the diagnostic & the car was running. 8 Days later 9/03/11 i am driving down Avenue K & Sierra Highway & my car cuts off in the middle of traffic as i go to accelerate after a red light. It does not start back up. I then have my car towed back to my mothers home. The next day i inform Dhillon of the matter in which he says to bring it back in. After i obtained the money for possible repair i then have the car towed back to Bimmer Engineering on 9/21/11. Dhillon then says he will run another Diagnostic to find the problem again. Dhillon calls me the following day & says the problem is now my Fuel Pump. He quotes me $569.00 for the fuel pump & $152.00 for a fuel filter totaling $721.00 in which i authorized him to begin repair. 4 days later on 9/26/11 he calls & says my car is running,starts,& stays on. Less than 3 weeks later 10/16/11 my car does the exact same thing again cutting off as i accelerate in the middle of the street on 10th St West & Ave J5. I inform Dhillon of the matter the following day in which he claims,once again, that he does not know why it keeps cutting off & to bring it back in. On 10/18/2018 i bring my car back into Bimmer Engineering. Dhillon looks puzzled & says he has to take another look at it to determine what the “Problem” is. The next day Dhillon calls my mother due to my cellular phone being temporarily out of service. He says he spent 4 hours diagnosing the problem & came to the conclusion that my Control Module is bad. He then quotes me $460.00 for repair. On 10/21/11 i go into Bimmer Engineering with my family as witness’s. He claims he can only fix what he see’s. That this is a new problem even though the same exact thing happened each time after he claimed to have fixed it. We also asked for a copy of the diagnostic in which he goes to obtain but then comes back to say he didn’t save it. At this point i am highly upset. I then call AAA to tow my car once again back to my mothers home. As a last attempt i sent Dhillon a Letter Of Demand on 10/28/11. In the letter it stated i would like for him to waiver labor cost & pay half of the part cost @ $165.00 a piece. I informed Dhillon that this was my first & last attempt to rectify the situation & if he did not respond before 10/31/11 it would be my intentions to file a small claims lawsuit & file a complaint with the BAR. He received the letter of demand on 10/29/11 & i have not been contacted. In closing,i feel as though Dhillon did not properly diagnose the problem until the 3rd time it broke down in the same manner. I also feel he fixed the wrong problem & charged me $721.00 to repair the fuel pump only have the same problem occur. Even if that is not the case, the fact is that he is a licensed mechanic who specializes in Bmw cars therefore he should know exactly what the problem is Period. I have all documentation & witness’s to support. Thank You For Your Time

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