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Bina Fink is a Con Artist

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Published: 18 May 2020

Posted by: Tom Essex

Court records show that ”Bina Fink” also known as ”Bina Kohl” or ”Bina Fink Kohl” or ”Bina Fink Blau” is a professional con artist with decades of experience tricking money out of unsuspecting victims in South Florida.

Bina Fink claims she’s a heavy weight in entertainment and politics. According to six of her victims I spoke to, she fraudulently portrayed herself as a Music Executive, a Model Scout, a Public Relations Mogul, a Democratic Party Operative, a Private Investigator, an Immigration Legal Aid, a TV Reporter to name a few.

She reportedly crashes public events and takes pictures with celebrities and then posts those pictures on a dozen blogs and social media accounts she created to ensure anyone she’s trying to scam who googles her name will see her blogs and social media accounts come up in the search. And that enables her to appear as a ”mover and shaker” in politics and entertainment.

Bina Fink reportedly scammed a woman in Miami for $7,500.00, posing as a record producer.

Bina Fink reportedly scammed a Broward woman by telling her that she needed money to pay the woman’s divorce lawyer so the woman gave Bina her diamond bracelet to pawn to get the money and Bina never got her the bracelet or money back to the woman.

Bina Fink reportedly scammed a Restaurant Owner in Davie, FL. for $500.00

Bina Fink reportedly scammed a woman in Hialeah, FL. out of $1,500.00 – The woman paid Bina to help her daughter get into modeling because Bina fraudulently presented herself as a modeling scout. She is not. After the woman gave Bina the cash, she never heard from or saw Bina again.

Bina Fink reportedly scammed a man and his son who live in Weston FL for $1,500.00 by posing as a legal aid to an Immigration Lawyer. They paid her to help obtain a green card. She took their money and disappeared.

Bina Fink reportedly scammed a Physical Therapist working at Memorial Hospital on Flamingo Rd. in Broward for a $2,000.00, Bina fraudulently presented herself as a Music Exec with ”connections” to the Latin Billboard Awards and for $2000.00, she guaranteed the man he could present an award on stage at the event. After the money exchanged hands, the man never saw Bina again.

Bina scammed a Hollywood, FL woman out of $8,000 by impersonating a private investigator. The woman’s son had been arrested and she was desperate to get him out of jail. Bina offered to help and induced the woman to pay her $8,000 cash in increments of $1500, $2000, $3000 etc.

Court Records show Bina Fink aka Bina Fink Blau was charged with felonies for GRAND THEFT.

Court Records show Bina Fink was charged with felonies for passing bad checks.

Court Records show Bina Fink has been sued a bunch of times for scamming a bunch of other people

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