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Beware. Under no circumstances should John Coombs, Ian Heard , Colin Mister or Dale Stoddart of Biocide International PLC be trusted.

In February 2012 my wife and I financed the business opportunity for Biotech International Asia Pacific Pty Ltd with an MOU assurance in writing from Biotech director Ian Heard that our investment of $180,000 AUD would be returned within an 8 week period.Needless to say, this did not happen. At no time have we been contacted by John Coombs or Ian Heard about the return of our funds.

Dale Stoddart of Biotech International Asia Pacific Pty Ltd then resigned me as a director of our own company without my knowledge and also refused to give me a copy of our contract with Biotech International stating that he couldn’t because I was no longer a director of the company and business I financed.

Biotech International also refused to give me a copy of our contract stating I was no longer a director of the company (Colin Mister of Biotech actually informed me that I was no longer a director of my own company when I asked for a copy of our contracts).

Biotech cancelled our contracts stating there was a disagreement between the directors of Biotech International Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, namely Dale Stoddart and myself. Because I was claiming to be a director of our company and Dale Stoddart who resigned me claiming that I wasn’t.

To cap things off Dale Stoddart agreed in June of 2012 to immediately return the funds my wife and invested to secure the business opportunity as he wanted to continue working with Biotech.

Needless to say Dale Stoddart has not paid and will not discuss what steps he is taking to honor our agreement.

Biotech International had an agreement with my wife and I, they should have paid our funds back when our contracts were cancelled. It is alleged that they have allowed Mr Stoddart to trade on our funds and Mr Stoddart has made no attempt to keep his word.

Be careful who you trust!


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