Biolustre, Inc.

Biolustre, Inc.

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Published: 02 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I as well as my sister were both ripped off by Leonard Buchanan and Biolustre Inc. several years back. | He is a smooth talking shyster and although they seemed to have a very good product, he and his company did just enough advertising and promotions of their products to lure people in and then rip them off for all they could take. Guess that turned out to be a LOT easier than actually working to build a successful business. | They worked over the United States pretty well, luring people in using Hollywood stars, commercials, limited samples, as well as some limited deliveries of their products to entice people into believing their lies, fraud, and schemes. Last I heard they were getting started over in England to bilk money out of unsuspecting people over in Britian as I believe the word about how corrupt they are was srarting to leak out over here in the US. | They ripped me off for a pretty sizeable amount of money and my sister (who is a beautician and used and knew their products) for a substanially larger amount in Biolustre “stock” as well as taking monies for product, but then NOT shipping the product to her. | I do not think I will EVER see any of the money I “invested” in their hoax company again, and sadly my sister feels the exact same way. | My only hope is that other people will read this report, realize what a rip off artist Leaonard and his ilk are, and do NOT make the same mistakes as I, my sister, and evidently hundreds of other people have made. | I firmly believe what comes around goes around and am looking forward to the day he and his company get theirs.

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