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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Peter Alexander signed contract to remodel a building on my property to a guest house for my adult child with disabilities. He took large deposit, sent two people to take off the roof, the doors, the windows, trash all the content of the building and dig ditch throughout the entire property, without permission. After that, he declared my building illegal and said permit can’t be obtained, but he is keeping the large deposit because he incurred expenses. He also left his tools on my property and will not send another party to pick them up. He insisted to enter my property, after a violent outburst, that was the cause of me, not letting him on my property. After I filed a complaint with the CLSB, he decided that he doesn’t want his tools, but rather another large sum of money from me, claiming that I sold his tools. He began harassing me electronically with hate emails. | The arbitrator who works for the CLSB didn’t help much, as he generally sided with him by ruling that because he destroyed my property, I was able to fix it an get a better building!!!?? That was after I paid over $40,000 to fix what he did and because I had to get a permit, it cost a lot to be brought up to code. Peter decided that he should sue me in court for the tools, instead of sending someone to pick them up and the judge awarded him the money he asked for. Meanwhile, I came home from work and found the koi pond drained of water, the fish dead, out in the air. My neighbor next door approached me and asked, if I knew that Peter came and took the tools. I reported him to the police. He told the police that the tools were his and that’s why he took them, so they dismissed my report. Now, he has a judgement against me for the tools he took out of my property. Destryong my property, keeping a large deposit and causing me to incurr over $40K to fix his mess, was not enough for him. He wanted more cash for tools that he took out of the property! | DO NOT HIRE HIM and furthermore, DON’T let him leave his tools on your property if you hired him, before you found out what he does. I read multiple complaints against him on Yelp and now here. This is his game: | 1. He responds to an add for a project and comes off as reasonable and caring person. | 2. He takes large deposit, makes a mess that causes to get fired or he leaves the project. | 3. He leaves tools, he claim to be his, so you can’t hire another contractor. After looking at the assortment and duplication of tools he left on my property, I believe most of them are not even his. | 4. If you file a complaint against him, he files a suit for the tools. He is using the tools to hold something over you. | 5. He plays victim and most everybody believes him, because he has been doing this for a long time and has it down to an art. See the feedback on Yelp under Bioneer builders and Euroarte Design Builders | 6. He doesn’t pay the people he hires, that’s why he doesn’t have a crew. I witness it. | 7. He leaves with the money and you are left with the mess and a hefty bill to fix it. It happened to me and others, who posted feedback for him on Yelp. | 8. If you get a check from him, it will not clear. It happen to me. | After I posted my feedback on Yelp, I was contacted by multiple people who didn’t post feedback, fearing that he will do something to hurt them. One man, who worked for him, not only didn’t get paid for the four days he worked, but he shook him down from a high ladder and broke his arm. Another home owner was scammed with additional work, promises and lies that escalated to him, taking them to court for additional work, he claimed he did. | Peter have been doing this for many years and got away, skirting the law not paying people, or for that matter, his taxes. He has multiple judgements and liens on his property and not on his business by the IRS for not paying federal taxes. It’s a public knoweldge if you run a background. | Suing him for money is a loss cause. He is the one taking the money, not giving them. He just have to be stopped. | Peter responds to all the negative feedback on Yelp and here, by saying that, the post is a fraud and people are trying to destroy his business. I wonder why is that? He doesn’t have any facts to actually defend himself, so he does the only thing he knows to do- cries victim and points fingers to others. It’s about time to get him exposed and save others from falling victims to his schemes.

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