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charged me around $8,000 and ruined my daughter’s teeth

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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: James D. Prater

Birmingham Orthodontics is a fraud on loose! They charged me around $8,000 and made my daughter’s teeth worse than before. I found the Birmingham Orthodontics from Google. Their website states that they have dozens of reviews written by their “happy” customers however, they do not provide any proof about the validation of those reviews. I am hundred percent sure that the reviews that are on their website are a total sham. No one would expect a clinic to do something so low just to get customers. They called us in and took $200 in advance just for the appointment. My daughter is 12 years old and her 4 front teeth were a little crooked, so there were no major problems with her teeth however, the orthodontic there had other thoughts. He said that my daughter’s treatment is going to last for 18-24 months and she needs immediate attention. It scared the fuck out of me because I didn’t think that her case was in such a bad condition. When I asked the doctor why he is rushing the treatment, he simply ignored my question and was busy in persuading my daughter. I didn’t want to have any trouble and trusted the docs to do their job, however, that was the worst mistake I could have done. The braces that they gave to my daughter were not fitting her teeth and just after 3 days, her gums started to bleed heavily, we rushed to the clinic and the doctors said that they “mistakenly” gave her someone else’s braces instead. Her gums were bleeding very badly and she was in a lot of pain because of the careless and ignorant behavior of the doctors at Birmingham Orthodontics. And the story doesn’t end there, these morons took a total of $8,000 from me for the treatment over the course of 18 months and after 3 months of the treatment, my daughter’s teeth are the same as before, however, they are much weaker now and her gums often bleed if she tries to bite something very hard. I contacted the clinic when she started to have these problems, and they said that it is not their responsibility now. I don’t know when this clinic will get better orthodontics but until it doesn’t, I would advise everyone to keep away from them. Their website is flashy and they post fake reviews everywhere to make sure that their reality is hidden from their “potential customers”. I hope that you don’t have to go through the suffering me and my daughter went through. This clinic does not have any professionals and these guys are just utter morons who don’t know shit about their profession, I don’t believe that this clinic hasn’t been shut down yet. Please don’t go to this shitty place, they are just going to steal your money and ruin your teeth in the process. These guys are nothing but scammers. If I knew their reality before, my daughter wouldn\’t have had to go through such a traumatic experience.

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