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Published: 27 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

First let me say that in November of 2014 this company contacted me. I was doing a few home inspections for another company out of Texas, Bishop Inspections got my information from them and called me. They were way behind and had a lot of work they needed caught up on. I was very upfront and honest, letting them know that I couldn’t take much on, I have another 30+ hour a week job, but I would do what I could. I was immediatley given hundreds of inspections over several cities (this was not what I agreed to, but was asked to “help out” until they could get another person). I continued to ask for help, and even found 2 people that could take over some of the areas that were hard for me to get done because of my time restraints. I asked Paul, the owner of Bishop Inspections, about the reports I had read online about his company and how I was worried that he was going to not pay me for the inspections I was late on (because they were given to me late, or there were simply too many, or they were too spread out). He assured me that the reports were false and that these were infact disgruntled workers who just didn’t want to do their job. He told me a story abouth the one in Mississippi not wanting to go to certain areas because he was basically a racist and the one in Oklahoma was just lazy, but it was just easier to pay her the money and shut her up. Then he went on to tell me how this very website that I am using isn’t fair because you have to pay to respond and that he really was a good honest man and all he asked for was communication. I communicated and communicated with him for months that I couldn’t get all these jobs done on time. On Feb 10, 2015 he sent me an email saying that he had not gotten paid from the mortgage company for some late inspections and that a lot of them were in my area, and he was going to chalk it up to me being new. He then asked when I could get caught up. I asked when could I get some help. I had been asking for since 11/22/14. I have numerous emails and text messages asking him for help, telling him I couldn’t cover this entire area, communicating with him as he requested. Asking where were the people he promised were coming. He would text and ask me can you get this one today? I would rearrange my routes because he really needed this one completed, even if it was out in the middle of nowhere and going to that ONE inspection he needed done was going to mean 10 more were now going to be late. NOT ONCE did he say we will not pay you for the late orders. Why would I go complete these inspections if I wasn’t going to be paid for them? On 3/3/15 after over 3 months of asking for help and pulling my hair out trying to get everything done, I finally told Bishop Inspections that if I couldn’t get any help, I wouldn’t be able to work for them anymore. I was very professional and told them that I would finish all the inspections that were already in my box, but we would have to part ways if I couldn’t get some relief. I got no response and they continued to put these areas in my box. On 3/18/15 I told them they were still putting these areas in my box and I was not going to be able to complete them, it just wasn’t working out. The next morning Paul pulled all my inspections. This company runs 1 1/2 months late in paying you. Let me also state that Bishop Inspections gets paid $15.00 per inspection, they were supposed to pay me $4.00 per inspection. On April 10,2015, I received a spread sheet of what I was going to be paid for work done from Feb 1-28th. Normally, I get direct deposit, but for some reason I was told they were mailing me a check. (Just another way to be vindictive) I am sure you are not surprised to find out that they weren’t going to pay me for 81 (EIGHTY ONE) inspections that I had completed, because they were late. That is $324.00 that they STOLE from me. I was very upset and asked his wife, Sherri, why I wasn’t going to be paid and she stated because Bishop didn’t get paid for these because I was late. I am asking for an investigation into this company. I will contact the mortgage companies they contract out with and I am seeking counsel to make sure that they aren’t just deciding not to pay me because they are mad. If they got paid for these inspections (and I bet they did), then they are having me work for free. If they had no intentions of paying me, then they shouldn’t have asked for the work to be done. If they did get paid for these inspections and then they are keeping all the money, they are crooks- which I bet is the case! They are liars and they don’t hold up their end of the agreement and then they try and hide behind the fact that you signed a contract with them. They tell you there is a grace period, a learning curve, if there ever comes a time that they are going to not pay for late inspections, they will make sure you know. (These are the things that were told to me by Paul when I confronted him on the previous complaint on this website.) I remember Paul telling me over the phone that he has a guy in Arkansas that is constantly late, because he has such a huge area, but that he knows the work is going to get done, so he leaves him alone and he has never not paid him. Not once did Bishop Inspections tell me I would not be paid for work I performed. When I questioned Sherri Bishop she said ” Stephanie all you had to do was send me the emails that he said he would pay you and I will change it. We have a lot fo subs to pay and sometime we miss something’s. There is no need for threats and hateful emails. We are always fair and pay according to the contact” (I am assuming Paul is my contact). Why do I have to send them emails that say they WILL pay, when they don’t send me emails saying they WON’T pay? Wny do they pick and choose who gets paid for late inspections and who doesn’t? What kind of bookkeeping do they have going on in their company? Do they just sit around and say Oh she is a pain and she isn’t a team player so therefore don’t pay her for all her late inspections, even though we are getting paid? They are very shady! Be very careful with this company. They are smooth talking liars. Get everything in writing, I feel confident that I have enough to prove my case and get my $324.00 paid (plus I still have another month to be paid for- wonder how that will go). This is just my warning to everyone who checks into this company DO NOT work with these people. I know it is easier to believe someone when you are talking to them on the phone vs something that you are reading on line, but don’t fall for the same scam that the rest of us did. Oh and by the way, Bishop Inspections isn’t registered with the BBB. .

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