Companies like Bishopsgate Capital are the real reason of poverty in the world

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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Josephine R. McDonald

I am fed up of following up and just cannot do it anymore. Bishopsgate Capital are huge scammers and I don’t know if I will ever be able to recover all the money that they have lost because of these guys. All I wanted was to make some money to help my little sister with paying her college loans but clearly that is not going to be happening anymore.
I got a cold call from Bishopsgate Capital from a guy named Richard last year in December. He seemed like a decent guy who was giving me a complete story of what the current situation of the stocks are like and so I decided to hire their services to make some money. He seemed pretty persuasive about it, as well. Now I know why. My wife is a little worried about the amount of stress that I have been taking about this. It is up till my nose now and I could pounce on that Richard guy for taking my money and blowing it off into the wind.
I had worked very hard to earn all that money. As a consultant chartered accountant, money doesn’t come easy for me. I have to constantly stay on my toes to get new clients. Anyway, I wasn’t even trying to make money for myself. It was all to go to my little sister who was really struggling to pay her loans. Loans can be really mean to little kids. These are some really bad times where your job doesn’t pay you enough but everything else around you is so damn expensive. Sometimes I wonder why these kids are made to study so hard if they have to spend the rest of their lives trying to pay off their student loans. I wonder if Richard is even half as educated as my little Sara.
Anyway, coming back to the point, I hope that the people at Bishopsgate Capital burn in hell for giving me the trouble that they have. I wonder what people who have kids might be doing. They probably don’t even have the time to get back and follow up with people like this.
I have informed the police about this hoping to get my money back. I think that if I sue them I might end up losing more money than I had invested in the first place so I am not doing that for now. I am hoping to find someone here who can help me get in touch with one of these rascals who have cheated me off my money. There sure much be an easier way around this and how to get out of this nonsense.
These guys claim to be regulated by the Finance Service Authority and a member of the London Stock Exchange. I wonder if that is even half true because I cannot imagine such authorities allowing fraud companies like Bishopsgate Capital to exist on this planet. Don’t they have to go to through several scanning before being legalised? Here’s hoping that someone can help me get in touch with those idiots.



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