Bitcoin Multiplier x100

Bitcoin Multiplier x100

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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had tried another company with exactly the same title and offer but it had no contact email, so i wrote to this company before investing 0.0716 bitcoins ($20) for which i was to get 100 times my investment back. This company has a support line which i wrote to and told them i did not want to be scammed or defrauded. Their answer was, “hello! yes, it’s ok. We will waiting your deposit.” | I had told them what i would invest and what i expected back according to their website. They had assured me that they were not a fraud or scam as another company with the same offer. I made my deposit of 0.0716 btc on august 13, 2015 and i wrote them to confirm with a copy of my coinbase confirmation notice. I did not hear back so i wrote again and asked how long it would take and what time of day they would make the deposit. Still i received no answer. | I wrote a total of six emails that day and further days. | I also began to send payment requests from my coinbase account and did that at least 6 or 7 times. Finally, i decided to write them and try to get an answer. I had written to blockchain about them with a complaint and they told me that this company had no authorization to use their name. | Here is what i said, “support: did you lie to me? I have received nothing from you after making my deposit of 0.0716 btc. How can you do this kind of business and commit fraud? You told me that you were sorry i was in a fraud with another company but you did the same thing. Do you have no conscience? | Finally, after over 6 emails and 6 coinbase payment requests, they answered me, “i think you can blow!!! moron!!!” | I had also checked their whois online for contact information but they have it set as anonymous so no one can find out their details. My advise is that anyone who invests will lose their money. I was fortunate to only lose $20 but they promise really big returns to someone that invests more money. | What is most deceptive is that on their site they show transactions with btc addresses and transaction codes dating back to 2014. These are all blockchain wallet addresses so a person can click the address hyperlink to see the transaction at blockchain. When i clicked on some of the wallet addresses, they appeared in russian or some similar language. I don’t know if that means that russia is their company of origin but they will take someone for a very large sum of money if they are not exposed and people realize that they will only lose money with this internet rip off. | Another company with the same offer is at I felt very suspicious of this company because they had no contact information so i did a google search for the wallet address and found this company: – they also do not respond to emails. I think that bitcoin is a great new form of currency but companies like this can steal people’s money and cause the bitcoin product to put a sour taste in the mouth of any investor that loses their money. Fortunately for me, i did not lose much ($20) and i have found several companies that are reputable and i have been able to invest and get a return and receive funds back to my coinbase account.

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