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Published: 12 March 2019

Posted by: Fria

After contacting my bank for info regarding 3 overpriced, unwanted, never requested magazine subscritions (the bank will follow up as needed), I contacted the magazine publishers subscriptions departments, then the company that actually processed them, and THEN finally learned that BizRate was the “outfit” that had sent me complimentary subscriptions for answering a survey; these subscriptions expired, and thenBizRate had authorized automatic renewal at the FULL PRICE for another year for all 3, without notifying me that the subscription was due for renewal. According to the subscription processing company ( [protected]) BizRate claims that the “customer” has to cancel the free subscriptions or they will be automatically be renewed & billed. The “billing company: has agreed to cancel all 3 and refund the monies debited from my account (over $100.00); I have cinfirmation #s and names; will check with my ban on Monday, and also share these details. Bottom Line here: BIZRATE is a ripoff internet website; cannot be trusted, uses very sneaky methods to scam or con people into replying to what appear to be helpful surveys, “rewarding” them and then setting them up to be “fleeced”. I have heard negatives about BizRate previously; i will now make sure I NEVER do anything with anyone connected to BizRate again, and will make sure eveeryone i know, or do business with is also warned.–the “bizness” is disgraceful. Am trying to contact someone with the company directly, but am not holding my breath…people using online services need to be VERY AWARE of scams like BizRate attempt to run…

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