BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.

BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.

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Published: 02 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

While checking out in BJ’s,( I was purchasing a mattress), I was approached by a young gentleman, Connor, offering me a free $40 BJ’s gift card just for someone to come to my home to test my water. He explained water would be tested from the faucet, refridgerater filtration and bottled. He asked me if I drink bottled water and I told him no I distill the water I drink. He pleasantly said they would check that too and make sure it’s doing it’s job. It seemed like a simple task, even though my woman’s intuition was telling me otherwise. I told him I wasn’t married, his comment was, “good for you”. But, especially, when he asked what field of work I was in, was I married, and the puzzling question was the year and type of car I drove. He explained the last question as my name being placed in a raffle later. Saturday was the day somone would come out to do the test and the office would set up a time. | I got a call a few days later stating she was from Home Depot calling to confirm my home water testing. I’m thinking, wait wasn’t I in BJ’s when I was approached. She asked if me and my spouse would be home for the testing. I told her I wasn’t married. She asked well who is, (spells name)? I didn’t know who she was talking about because I told Connor I’m not married. She figured he got his paperwork mixed up but everything else was accurate. She informed me someone would be at my home at 12pm on Saturday. I requested the time be changed to 2pm. The woman I spoke to got back to me, left me a message, told me no one would be in my area at that time on that day. She wanted me to call back to reschedule for another appt in 1 to 2 weeks. As of now it has only been 2 days. I will not reschedule. | After thought, I figured it was going to be a sales pitch. However, after reading the initial post regarding this, I didn’t realize how pricey. I can also see how Connor fudged his paperwork to make it seem as though it was a 2 person household so he could meet his quota for the day. A $40 gift card for hours of time for a sale pitch to spend thousands of dollars is not worth anything. I feel for those who may have fallen victim to dishonorable salepeople.

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