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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The same thing happened to me that has happened to the previous posted. The "Company" is demanding that I pay a "customs brand tax" of $79.00. The odd thing is that they included the "shipping" in their total. They state that the "Brand Tax" is 90& 37;. I paid them $68.00 for items that I purchased. Plus $20.00 shipping. They took the total of $88.and applied the 90& 37; tax. So they are saying that the 90& 37; also applies to the shipping cost! Wrong, there is no "Brand Tax" and even it there was, using their 90& 37; figure, the amount of the tax would be: $68.00 * 90& 37; = $61.20. Unless they honor their agreement with me I would recommend that no one do business with them. William H. Sparhawk

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