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Published: 29 May 2019

Posted by: Richard

I had visited the Black & Bass Dental Clinic to get some cosmetic procedures. I didn’t know at the time what kind of procedures I needed so I went there to get a consultation first. Initially, the place seemed great, filled with enthusiastic staff and professionally-behaving doctors. I was glad that I had found this place. I didn’t know that this place had professionally incompetent dentists. Those people know nothing about dentistry and they claim to be experts. They’re either stupid or they are too careless that they mess up the treatments of their patients. Both of these cases are bad and I would hate it if someone close to me visited this place. I’ve alerted everyone I know that this place isn’t worth visiting. When I had consulted the dentists here, they recommended me to get porcelain veneers. They did the procedure within a week and I had the veneer cases fitted on my teeth. If you don’t know what they are, let me tell you. They are some artificial cases which are stuck on top of the teeth to make them look good. But they are supposed to be made according to the teeth. That’s why this procedure is costly and requires you to spend a lot of money. The dentists measure your teeth and then get the cases made accordingly. But I suppose the dentist at Black & Bass forgot to take measurements. Those cases didn’t fit me properly and made my teeth look uglier. They were deformed and so they were making my teeth look deformed too. I discussed this issue with the dentist there and he told me that I shouldn’t worry at all. According to him, I just needed to get used to the veneers and that it’ll take me some time. Lies, they all were nothing but lies.

He was just trying to cover up his mistake. He thought I was such a big fool that I wouldn’t care about the deformed veneers. I kept them on for a month but every time I looked into the mirror, I knew there was something terribly wrong with my veneers. It affected my self-esteem and I was even more afraid to go outside or hang out with someone. I had become more conscious of my appearance and had begun hating my smile. I visited another dentist when I realized that the dentists here wouldn’t help me. This other dentist told me that the veneers didn’t fit my teeth properly. They weren’t made for my teeth size. None of them fit me properly. That’s why they were causing me so much difficulty in eating and making me look like a monster. They were ill-fitted. It was clear that the dentists here didn’t even bother to take my measurements properly. They completely botched my veneering treatment. Later on, they didn’t even accept their mistake and told me that I must’ve done something with my teeth due to which the veneers didn’t fit properly.

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