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Black Belt Academy

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Published: 04 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This Newton Black Belt Academy is a real scam! Got us to show our “commitment” gor a year. They said that any time we wanted to stop, we’d “talk about it and work it out.” When I realized that it was a belt factory that didn’t teach anything but simply wanted us to pay for expensive belt exams, I told them we wanted to stop. I told them the reason. The owner, who had been so charming, and showering us with praise for our “progress” and “potential” wanted nothing but to keep us hostage with our “commitment” which suddenly became a legally binding contract. A real good, water tight contract actually – we’ll written by the franchise, protecting him and his so-called school! His trick at the beginning was to get our trust, so that he salesman could gloss right through the “fine print”! We were gullible willing victims! I hope this review will help others avoid this trap! I imagine that there must be good ATA schools out there, but beware if they want you to sign any CONTRACTS! It’s a RED FLAG! This owner has a couple of schools in the area. I imagine he must employ the same scheme, but I will only talk about his Newton location, as it was where we went. SCAM: definition: dishonest scheme So-called martial art school, but only there for the $$$. | The owner’s – Sr. Master Katpiuk -scheme in 6 steps: 1. Hook you in with at least a 1-year contract (ei. Financial chokehold). 2. Frequent expensive belt exam fees – $70 apiece, last time I knew. 3. Pushing for longer EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE contracts – maximum length of time permissible by law – 2 years! Using tricks like, pay for 2 years, get the third year free. Legally, the contract is 2 years (as allowed by law) but with this “offer”, Sr. Master Karpiuk got his hand in your bank account for the next 3 years!!! Pretty savvy scam. 4. Mandatory EXPENSIVE ATA gear for “advanced” programs. 5. Offer financing for contracts: same idea as point 3 above. 6. Sr. Master Karpiuk and his staff call their contracts “commitments”!! They gloss over the “fine prints” in the financial chokehold they are trying to place in you, hoping that unsuspecting victims will just trust them and the wonderful things that their school can offer!!! All this also makes this Sr. Master Karpiuk a Master Con Artist. Definition of con artists: Inspiring confidence in their victims in order to defraud them. BTW, “con artist” is short for “confidence artist.” Unlike most kinds of crime, the grifters have not actually done anything overtly illegal – they’ve simply used lies and manipulation to get their victim to willingly hand over their own money. More dangerous than the illegal kind! I’ve included a video of one of his typical sales pitches. What a con artist!

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