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Published: 15 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was introduced to this organization at the tender age of 19, by my ex husband, a credit, store, and gift card schemist. and clever con-artist. I was in the cult for nineteen years and endured unexplainable depression, abuse, humiliation and embarrassment. According to their doctrine a man can gave more than one wife, and my ex husband brought other women were born into my home (((REDACTED))) It was then my duty to clean up after him, because he is my lord . The man would stay from afar and throw hawk spit and tell me can you look for that hawk spit in the carpet and clean it up!!! this is just the tip of the iceberg !!!I have paid 20% of my salary to that place for over 15 years and I’m a licensed professional so gave it take I make about 45 to $55,000 a year as if that’s not enough there are several other financial obligations such as $60 for every High Holy Day in there are seven of them not to include that you were charged for family gathering in the summer $60 each for all children under 2. Priests fund 25$ week, dollar drive every Friday and Saturday, 400$, 750$, 1500$ Garment!! Spiritual evaluation around income tax time 200$ after you pay tithes on your income tax and 500$ raffle tickets.The emotional and mental abuse is unbelievable. I have been robbed of my youth and my self worth and this place sucks the life out of you and feed you with false hope of a kingdom of heaven that you have to sacrifice everything for and the only thing that’s left is your life and after all the sociopath Jermaine grant he will throw you out after all your sacrifices and since he is God in the establishment any relationships that you formed in that place is no longer viable because once he puts you out everyone that you know as a sister or brother will never speak to you again according to the laws of God. I say this to say beware, because you have to be financially on your own two feet, even rich to afford membership in a church. They will then stalk you and suck you dry financially. You will be harassed weekly, you will lose sleep, eventually your jod, your home, your sanity, you will use your free will to think and you also lose your family at the last cause once you’re “put out”, they become your enemies and Jermaine Grant “the Apostle of God” will see to it that he remarries your wife or your husband. Even while you support your children he will compel them to make you go to court to make you pay as punishment. And because your are no longer in the church, you’re family now sees you dead in the “world” Every one in there is against you. Everyone in there is brainwashed and only thinks the way Jermaine said to think. So proceed carefully!

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