Black Out Towing - contracted by Honda in Maryland

Black Out Towing - contracted by Honda in Maryland

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Published: 19 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Hopefully, the towing business Black-Out Towing ‘CON’tracted by Honda to provide ‘insured’ like towing services if your auto breaks down for any reason is at ‘least’, ‘de’-contracted and put on, at LEAST, some sort of ‘black-balled’ list to block any further towing services for ANY ‘CON’tractor. I was totally ‘ripped off’ by this business in 2006 when ‘towing service’ was rendered. The driver greased up the interior of my less than one year old auto, obviously DELIBERATELY damaged the car with over $300 worth of property damage, and DELIBERATELY put water in the gas tank, causing ‘massive’ amounts of personal time and repairs to be done that I simply could not ‘prove’, yet I KNOW they did. Between the Honda Corporation and Ken Dixon Honda in Waldorf, MD., They did their best to ‘make-up’ for the damage, but the ‘time’ and stress I went thru can never be ‘recovered’, (not to mention the additional personal expense that ‘goes on’ around incidents like this. The driver of the tow truck, by all rights, should be in jail to, at least, this day with extended probation, pay out of all restitution, etc. and BARRED from ever being a tow truck driver, ever, for LIFE, yet, the way ‘the system’ is set up, nothing/will happen to this obviously ‘blatent’ criminal/activity, accept the most thorough punishment I went thru as the ‘result’ of this. If the company has ‘changed-its-name’ by now, this should also be ‘kept up with’ as well, for everyone should know this is a ‘classic’ service provider ‘trick’ to scapegoat out of past discrepancies with, simply, not having to PAY for their criminal activity such as detailed here. (requesting assistance with this ‘part’-this company trying to ‘change-name’ to avoid ‘alerts’ like this one about the subject matter. ) BEWARE OF “BLACK-OUT TOWING’. They WILL ‘terrorize’ you as a customer!!! I do remember ‘posting’ this back ‘closer’ to the time frame it/this happened, yet I am posting it again to ‘refresh’ the info, (on this Ripoff Scams cite) in/with interest to ‘warn’ innocent possible future customers/vicitims that might fall ‘victim’ to this totally ‘worthless’ criminally minded business. Again, ‘beware’ of a possible business ‘name change’ of this company. You have to ‘watch out’ for this ‘scam-ripp-off’ tactic as well.

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