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Stay Away! Rude Service!

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Published: 16 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

What a rude place!

In short, I was walking around town (not driving, walking) and nature called. I found the nearest place I presumed would have a loo, and entered into the space. I walked over to the restroom area -only, the restroom doors were: locked? *shrug*

Well, I meandered on over to to the order station, where I stood quietly and patiently to ask if I may be let in to use the loo. (note: where I’m originally from – people just go in and out of restrooms during road trips/ walking through cities etc. – you don’t have to beg/ask. you could literally go in and out and no one would ever notice). So, first, asking in and of itself was very

Anyhow, when I initially asked to use the loo- I was turned down: ”for customer use only.” This was by a young pre-college age female with a stone cold attitude. Omg! I’m not going to buy a coffee while I have to use the loo for one. Plus, what about people who need to pee before they order aka become a ”customer.” You have no idea if I was going to make a purchase, and after how you mistreated me (someone ten years your senior) – certainly I am not going to contribute to your paycheck.

My bladder was sooo full. It actually would have hurt to walk out of the space with how full it was. So, I screamed at the girl (yes, girl): ”I’m menstruating!” Well, that got her. She blurted out the code.


Truly, this was inhumane and I would never, ever, EVER support a company who profiles people and treats them like prisoners.

Sidenote: Later, I did find out that Portland, Oregon/metro area has a huge heroin problem. So much so that there are what are called ”sharps containers” in public bathrooms. Apparently, some workers at places like Subways and Starbucks find people who have overdosed in public restrooms?

With all this said, I was not shooting up heroin. But, thanks, really for profiling me and assuming the worst. This review is what you get, so eat your KARMA.

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