Black Sheep Mattress Company

Black Sheep Mattress Company

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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When we were stationed in Calgary ,we needed a good bed .So we fell for “the best rated mattress store ” in the city .NOT ! More like the worst rated in our experience. We like all natural products ,so we went to the black sheep mattress company. They assured us that their beds were of such high quality ,they would last for at least 10 YEARS. NOT 8 MONTHS!!! Well after being shocked by the high price tag ,and caving into some HIGH PRESSURED SALES we purchased a bed for over four thousand dollars! | These people were so smooth and we bought the online hype. They have no less than five stars so they had to be honest right? WRONG! I now believe some of those reviews are fake, who knows? Later we found the same latex mattress for half the price online in The US. However we were forced to move from the city just 2 months later and within six months the mattress completley fell apart! We had to throw it in the garbage. It was poorly made and we did not expect that. Now my wife and I are average sized people. Even a cheap mattress would last at least 8 months !!! She was not surprised because one of the owners seemed “PUSHY ” to her. He was almost boastful about their perfect beds. very arrogant man! WELL the wife was right they were dishonest about the quality of the product. | We wasted 4,000$ of hard earned money !!! on my salary ,that is a fortune! We picked up the mattress because most of our things were in storage ,and when we slept on it,it was not like the one we tried in the store at all .very firm and stiff .And It SMELLED and not in a good way. But that dissapated in a month and we put up with it until the seams came undone and the thing fell apart in 8 months. NEVER AGAIN! In my opinion this is NOT a good store to shop. OVERPRICED – PUSHY SALES TACTICS

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