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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

So here we go. We get into town and wait and wait for your ranch manager to give us a call. Finally at 730 pm on the night of the 2nd he calls me and give me the details on where to go and what time will be starting. This is where the bad taste started to fill my mouth. He said meet at the property entrance at 545-6am. 630 rolls around and your brother and the other guide rolls in. the other guide is so hung over you could smell the booze. So its 630 we finally get into the gate where now you have 8 people waiting. We park our cars and start the day. By the time we loaded up on the golf cart the sun was already up. I was placed in a stand 250 yards from the parking lot near the bone yard with a stench of death and my partner was placed in a ground blind not far from me. I wanted to sit all day but was strongly encouraged that I would be wasting my time this is when the hung-over guide started b******* about you. Complaining why you book deer hunts this time of year; in my mind I’m like “WHAT THE F***” I JUST SPENT 1300 ON THIS HUNT AND 400 ON THE HOTEL. So the first morning was a bust. We went too lunch and quietly and quickly ate so we could head back to the woods. When we returned back I didn’t want to wake both guides from there sound sleep from with in there truck but after 15 minutes I kindly said time too get moving fellas. Keep in mind I have my boss that I invited on this hunt. This is when Chris wanted the balances paid in full. I said sure no problem. So as we are paying our deposits eager to return into the woods all we hear from the moths of the guides is that the deer weren’t moving. There’s no deer here.ect.ect.ect. Let me tell you how this made me feel. I WAS PISSED OFF AND NOT IMPRESSED. So day 1 afternoon hunt I was placed in a stand a stand 500 yds. away from the parking lot. Right next to your neighbor that’s was clearing his land with a chainsaw again saw NOTHING not even a bird. My boss was placed in the same spot as the morning and he also saw nothing. We hunted till dark and exited the property. Over dinner we reviewed your website and started talking .It says you hunt 7000 acres managed from the 30’s. Well on the first day we hunted a whopping 30 of that 7000 which was within 500 yards of the parking lot within the sent of death from bone pile. | Morning of day 2 had me fired up to shoot anything. This is where I was completely let down. I was taken to a broken ladder stand and asked at dark was this ok for the morning the stand was broken placed in a thicket with no more than a 30yd shot. At this point I wanted to go home. Now my safety is being questioned. My boss was put in a crap clamp on stand where he has to get down and hunt at the base of the tree because he was not feeling to safe. Please see the attached picture that I texted you of the broken stand and ask yourself on the morning of day 2 should I ask for a refund… I’m thinking there’s no life on your property | Ready… this is what sent me off the deep end. | Afternoon day 2 | Your brother makes us drive 20 minutes down the road | Where he places my boss 50 yds. off the road in a ground blind with rush hour traffic that was so loud a herd of elk could have ran thru and he wouldn’t have seen them. | I was placed in a small hang on stand in the middle of the property on a tree no thicker than 8 inches around. The smallest breeze made this tree sway so bad I had to get down. You brother never came back to get us. My boss was fine he was 50 feet from his truck but me on the other hand I’m a mile in with no direction of where the f**k I was. Never the less the path your brother took me on was a shortcut. I had no idea where I was and for 45 minutes in the complete dark I was lost. No phone service walking paths that led to nowhere. For the record I was freaked out and was hollering my bosses name and firing 9mm shots to show my boss my location. Finally I found a path that led to the road where I had to walk down and find OUR truck. I WAS DONE… PACK UP LETS GET OUR S*** AND LEAVE. My boss wasn’t done yet. He didn’t get enough torture yet. | Day 3 morning | We said to Chris the night before enough with the deer and put us on the hogs. So they take my boss to one of the worst stands he has ever seen. They place me in a nice box blind filled with spent brass and beer bottles. As I was sitting there in the dark I watch a flashlight coming thru the woods. It was my boss. I’m like what’s wrong. He went on and told me all about it. So there we sit in the box blind until 930 when I had 6 pigs run right by the feeder. They had wings they were moving so fast. I squeezed of a round and missed. So we called Chris and he was not on the property. We said f*** it. We walked out by ourselves and packed up our s*** and waited. At this point we told Chris how disappointed we were and would like a refund. Or something… He was like well it’s hunting. We got in the truck and left with one of the most expensive mistakes we have both made. | Please keep me informed as to how you will make this right | You cannot run a business like this. It’s not right. 1300 dollars to hunt 400 for the hotel and a 6 hr. drive was not worth it. I didn’t see 1 deer and only saw 6 pigs running full speed. The 2 guides were the worst, they didn’t care. They would even turn the light on for us. What’s gas to expensive? Wait we were hunting right next to the parking lot not 7000 acres . That’s why | Ill wait for your response before I publically rate your company on every website and magazine in the south Florida area

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