Black Top Revolution

Black Top Revolution

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Published: 30 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Went to Live Oak Civic Center located in Live Oak, Texas early today to attend the “Birds and Pets” expo that was going on. While I was inside the civic center I saw some great looking birds and some dogs others not so much. I also want to mention this is not my first time attending one of these pet expos and have seen disturbing things in the past but never what im about to describe. My wife and I were looking at the pups and my 2 year old daughter seemed to really like one of the “Miniature English Bulldogs” that “Black Top Revolution” was selling. The gentlemen seemed nice at first but as their sales pitch progressed they became more aggressive and some things started to make less sense. One of the gentlemen said, that they have a puppy mill but its up to standards: A guy comes out and checks the temperature of the dogs water and inspects the food. There are no outside kennels as everything is in doors and has air condition. Also if they find a single ant in the dog food then the inspector can pull their license and they cant sell dogs any more. That sounds great, but the dogs had fleas they also had been sprayed with perfume to keep the smell of being in their own feces off of them. That however just blended in with the smell of urine and feces making one of the dogs smell rather unpleasant. They never would show pictures of the father or mother of the pup you were buying except if you put $500 down and took the dog home. They would then email you the pictures. They had a picture of a dog they claimed was from a bloodline of champions but had no proof with them. On a positive note they did have the vaccination and shot records for the bulldogs. The only thing they had were pictures that looked like they were printed from the internet and claimed that they were his dog. Also that the bloodline was from a 10million dollar sire. The evidence they had that supported that was a page that was in the format of a bracket with dog names on it. They also claimed if you bought a puppy from them and your dog had a litter they would buy your puppies at 1000-1400$ per pup. They had great sale pitches but it just left me with a few questions so I decided to wait and go home and do some in depth research. What I found was rather disturbing. The “Black Top Revolution” is a business in Bonham, TX, but its an apparell store website with no address other than being in that City. Its under construction and it also was just made late last month 06/13. Ive tried calling the phone numbers on the business cards but voicemails only. This was very disturbing to me. I contacted Birds and Pets ( as the vendors go through them to get hosted at the civic center and they had no comment. This was rather unfortunate. I hope this gets noticed and someone takes action.

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