Black Water Cocker Spaniel

Black Water Cocker Spaniel

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Published: 08 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

So i buy a CockerSpaniel from Michele Walls owner of Black Water Cocker Spaniels ( I PICK UP FROM AIR PORT 6/2/2019 ) Before buying him I asked about bite before i paid .. Needles to say i am sick over what i seen when i picked him up from the air port. .. This Cocker should have been in great health for what i paid for him… And by looking you can tell its been like this for a long time . The holes where the teeth went is gone . and the smell of his mouth would make anyone get sick.. I took him to the Vet the day i got him had to get shot’s of antibiotics On Fri 6/2 and had to go back 6/3 for another shot and antibiotics pills . For Mouth , ear and throt INECTIONS. He will have to go back June 8 for a full dental cleaning and some teeth pulled. Yes I let her know of this the day i got him. She try to tell me her and the Vet looked in his mouth and didn’t see or smell his mouth.. In the past i got 3 girl from this same breeder all 3 girls had cataracts I know she knew of one that did for sure the owner seen i had her and ask if i plan on breeding her i said yes . Thats when she told me she sent her back to Michele Walls because she has cataracts and went on to tell me she sent all paper work to Michele Walls to prove it. After her know she had cataracts she still sold her to me knowing i’m a breeder and was going to breed these girls.. She paid me back for 2 out of the 3 but only what i paid her not the shipping cost . Lost lots of money on that deal too. I know i should have knew better but i wanted to give her another chance .. She proved to she she can’t be trusted AT ALL .. Then try to lie her way out of it. talking about how she has had hard times .. Well i see it this way .. WE all fall on hard times but still have to care for the dogs. I would make sure not to buy from Michele Walls Cocker Spaniel Breeder..

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